City of Fenton Seeking Proposals


City of Fenton Seeking Proposals to Redevelop Downtown Property Adjacent to 111 S. Leroy

FENTON MI- Downtown Fenton is in the midst of a renaissance after having completed two successful redevelopment projects and the nearly finished expansion of the Fenton Community and Cultural Center. And that’s just the beginning of major revitalization on the horizon for Fenton.

The City is interested in the redevelopment of a 7,500 square foot area located in the heart of Downtown Fenton, into a multi-story mixed-use building with retail or restaurant on the first floor and office and/or residential on the upper floors. The proposed site is ideally located between the new Cornerstone Building and the new Fenton Fire Hall Restaurant, both bustling with foot traffic upon opening in 2014. The building east of the proposed site, 111 S. Leroy, is currently vacant and is owned by the City of Fenton Downtown Development Authority (DDA). The City of Fenton owns the property and the City and DDA intend on selling the property through the selection of a developer.

The RFP is available for download on the City website, Interested developers must provide sealed RFP responses with the following information to the City Clerk’s Office, 301 S. Leroy St, Fenton MI 48430 on or before Monday March 16, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. EST:

• Completed Information Form Regarding Qualifications and Financial Capability
• Completed “Hold Harmless” Form
• Brief description and renderings/photographs of relevant projects completed by Developer that are comparable to the project, as well as relevant projects/initiatives currently under way or under consideration
• Identify personnel or firms who will be actively involved in the project along with their experience
• Experience in working with federal, state, and local governments and regulatory bodies
• Detailed concept plan for the project, and how the project will contribute to Downtown
• Aspects of the project deserving attention, foreseen major challenges and approach
• How the project will be financed
• A preliminary site plan/rendering for the project
• Additional information to be addressed prior to City making a decision
• Purchase offer price and conditions for the property
• Request, if any for project assistance from the City of Fenton
• Letter from a financial institution stating financial capability to complete the project
• Economic modeling for the project
• Estimated hard and soft costs
• Contemplated purchase price for the property
• Contemplated incentives, if any
• General economic impact of the project on the City and its Downtown
• Preliminary construction timeline
• Statement required by Section 5.13 of the City’s Charter

The RFP responses will be reviewed by the City Manager and City personnel. Submissions will be evaluated on viability and attractiveness of concept plan and compatibility with existing development in the City and Downtown. 

The Developer’s demonstrated capability and experience with similar projects and ability to work with a broad stakeholder group will be a major factor. Once the evaluation of proposals is completed, selected developers will be asked to present proposals to a committee designated by the City Manager. After the interviews, The City will select two to three Developers for further due diligence and financial analysis. The City will then select a Developer to discuss the project and sale of the property.

All questions should be directed to:

Michael Burns
Assistant City Manager
301 S. Leroy
Fenton MI 48430