Meet Brent Williams


Hi, I am Brent Williams the founder and owner of Bren-Mar Construction. I’ve been building all of my life. It was a boyhood dream, and today it’s my passion.  I formed Bren-MarConstruction Company and incorporated in 1988as a builder and real estate developer. You’ll notice our logo includes a keystone. For me, it is powerful symbol of what we have become. Bren-Mar is the keystone of my dreams, my capabilities, and my passion. Given the opportunity, we can be the keystone of your next project. That single stone that holds the entire structure together. Our keystone is composed of the skills, experience, practical and technical knowledge, and insight that I’ve acquired over the years, as well as those of the team of creative, dedicated professionals who make up Bren-MarConstruction. We love to build and together as a team, we dot very well. Over the years, Bren-Mar has grown and expanded to become a major player in the construction business. We began in Southeastern Michigan, but within the last decade we have acquired a national reputation and are working on major projects across the country. We encourage you to browse our national gallery to see where we’ve been. We have taken careful, strategic steps to develop the organizational and financial strength to take on, and complete, major projects. If you happen to be in the vision stage of an expansion, renovation, or new build, please contact me. I’d love the opportunity to tell you more about our company, and how we might collaborate