Meet Terry Green


Deep in the recess of one’s mind lies the incomparable desire to express – and continue to express thoughts, emotions, and dreams of what the future might hold. But what can one man do?  What can use to alter his destiny, and affect the whole world in the process? Can simple captured moment in song, artwork, or even feats of strength stand to change anything? One man dares to answer just that. A man from a small village. A man that fought a dragon – blindfolded. The legendary conqueror of the 29th century war riots in Europe…where peace was no more. Able to sail the high seas, and conquer any ship that opposes him. The heir to the throne of the New Land, and the only hope we have against the tyranny of the Pig Men. When all hope seems lost, this one man will use his superhuman powers to turn those evil pigs into bacon…and still make it home in time – withdinner.  That man, is not Terry Green – but it would be super cool if you believed it was him. Because if any of that makes you think Terry can help you any more than he already can – involving cameras, of course – then by all means, bring it to he who can save your camera! Terry’s photography history goes back to his young years, when an old camera from his grandmother was given to him. Broken, and thought to be a dying piece of equipment, it’s destiny had seemed to end in its imminent destruction. But hark! Terry found his inner talent able to bring the forsaken camera to life again! From there, Terry has traveled long and far from the northern reaches of Thompson Rd., down to the farthest valleys south of Owen Rd. to garner a knowledge base capable of saving nearly every camera he comes in contact with! He was able to commandeer a fading business 15 years ago in the heart of Fenton, and henceforth Billmeier Camera Shop once again stood as the beacon of light for all who need to capture life behind aliens. Test him of his knowledge. Challenge his tinkering abilities. We assure you that Terry is the man that can find an answer, and bring your camera back to life.  (He’s also secretly a pirate lord).