Spring Is Here! Tips to Get Your Home Ready For Sale


So you are thinking about selling your house.  I’m guessing that you are looking to get the highest ticket price that the house can bring and sell it fast, right?  I know, I know – I’m a mind reader…  Or you are like every other seller on the market today.

What can get your house on the top of buyers lists?  What can get you into a multiple offer situation to sell above list price?  The details.  Those extra dollars are hiding in the little chipping paint, dents in the trim, the sticky sliding door.  The chipped trim paint on your exterior…  They are all around you!

What can you do to pull some of those extra dollars out of buyers pockets without breaking the bank?  Do you want to tear out the kitchen and update it? NO! Do you maybe want to freshen the paint and have a nice clean and neutral color palette that won’t offend prospective buyers? YES!

Let me walk you through step-by-step what can be done to get your place ready for sale in just a few easy weeks.

1. Take the YOU out of your house –  People want to walk in to a prospective home and visualize how they will live in it.  To help them do this, de-clutter your home and keep the space as open and airy as possible.  Remove excess furniture, photos, extra blankets, toys, etc.  Empty your closets to half full; people love to feel like there is a lot of storage space. This is an opportunity to do a first round toss of everything that will not be following you to your new home.  If there are many things that you would like to keep, rent a storage unit temporarily to house the overflow items.

2. Would you buy your house? –  Walk through each room with a design savvy friend or experienced realtor and work to make the home inviting.  Starting outside, think curb appeal.  Plant a few strategic flowers, weed and trim the gardens.  Look for easy paint touch ups or handyman fixes to make the house look fresh and well maintained.   Move to the inside of the house.  Quick fixes before selling always pay off.  Huge updates? Not so much.  Get some fresh paint in neutrals colors on the walls and trim.  Maybe it’s time to paint over that zebra printed wall that “Seemed like a good idea at the time”!!  Fill holes in the walls.  Hang that towel bar that you’ve been meaning to put up for the last 6 months… Make sure closet doors and sliding doors are on track and opening smoothly.

3. Clean Clean Clean!!  – You would be surprised at how different peoples opinions of clean can be.  The closest you can get to everything looking like it came straight out of a box, the better financial return you will see.  Hire a professional cleaning lady to do a deep clean in the house and keep it up.  There will be rooms that you don’t use where you may not have noticed rust in a shower, cobwebs in a corner, etc. Make your home sparkle! 

4. Find a great agent and take their advice – Once you’ve done your part, get your agent in the house to make any final suggestions and help you stage your home properly to shoot well for your marketing photos.  Select someone that works with a professional photographer that can provide the best first impression for prospective buyers.  I always block an entire day off to shoot a house for a client.  Do I need a full day? NO.  Do I want to rush the main marketing tool that we will use to reach our buyers? Not in a million years.  I bring a photographer and we get to work moving the furniture around, finding the right lighting, different angled shots, etc.  I ran a magazine for 10 years, I accept only the best photography for my clients and that is what you should be getting from your agent.  Don’t settle for someone shooting with an iPhone or a point and shoot camera. Remember, people fall in love with your home before the even walk in the door.  

Maximize the return on your sale by paying attention to the little details. You will get back what you put into it and more.  Prospective home buyers will notice the effort and you will be impressed with your results. Take the time to find an agent that generally cares about you and what your goals are with your sale.

If you have any questions that you would like me to answer for you in the next edition, please email to SOLD@jenniferlasco.com

Jennifer Lasco

Your local Real Estate Expert 

Always with the happiest clients on the block.