Cafe of Life Fenton


When I was looking for office space to open my chiropractic office, Café of LIFE Chiropractic, my highest priority was a 1 year lease.  If you have ever rented commercial property, you know that a 3-5 year lease is the norm.  I had been away from Fenton for 10 years and I wasn’t certain this is the place I wanted to be.

I was born and raised in this great small town and traveled for 10 years for school.  My education took me all over the country, including Idaho, Alaska, Georgia and finally finishing my doctorate in South Carolina.  My original plan in coming home to Michigan was to open my doors in a place like Ann Arbor or Birmingham, however when that 1 year lease came available here in Fenton, I made my move and signed a lease.  Now that we are in our permanent location on Leroy St in downtown, I look back at the last decade in total shock and awe that it has been 10 years, that I am still here and that I am having the greatest time of my life serving the community, a community that gave me so much when I was growing up.

I still have a lot of family in the area and they are a big reason I choose to call Fenton my home.   I am so excited and absolutely love the direction that Fenton is going.  We have reached a time when this small community has some serious momentum and growth all in, what appears to be, a really positive direction.

My office focuses on the health of entire families and I have found great support for what I am

doing here.  We strive to make a positive contribution to the lives within this community with our focus being pregnant women, infants and children.  That focus is not limiting and we do see

the rest of the family, it just happens to be what we have become known for.  On any given day, I will see members of my own family, new babies, great grandparents, some of my teachers and coaches from when I was growing up, neighbors old and new all under my roof, all wanting chiropractic care to improve their lives.  We have created a community here and even if you are a complete stranger to us for your initial visit, which many are, we have a knack for helping people feel right at home.  We take a lot of pride in providing exceptional chiropractic care and, as some of you already know, we do it in a little different way than other chiropractic offices in this area.

I am fortunate and blessed to call Fenton my place for work and also my home.  I look forward to serving this community “The Exceptional Chiropractic Experience” for many more years to come.

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