A FEAST for All Seasons


The close of the summer season is often the most bountiful in Michigan. From fresh sweet corn, and an abundance of pole beans to the first sightings of heirloom tomatoes, there is so much to make your time in the kitchen an enjoyable one. Of all the beautiful produce to choose from during the summer 

Michigan’s sweet corn has always captured the most attention. With such an abundant variety to choose from these days it can often be confusing on how to fi nd the best. First off, look for farmstand fresh corn if you can. A quick stop along the road at your your local farmstand can often pay huge benefi ts. Corn

picked the same day it is sold is the sweetest, once picked the sugar begins to convert to starch. Look for ears that are firm and fully developed all the way to the tip. Don’t shuck it too soon before cooking it as you can dry the corn out. Cook the corn quickly in boiling water. It should only take about fi ve minutes to cook out any starchiness and fully warm the cob all the way through. If you prefer to eat it off the cob, use a sharp knife to remove the kernels of corn from the cob and cook quickly in a hot pan with just enough water to create steam. Tapping into some of that sweetness is easy, but fi nding a good balance can sometimes be tough. Try this great recipe that pairs the delicate acidity of fresh summer tomatoes with the sweetness of late summer corn for a great side dish that pairs perfectly with grilled chicken or steak.