Many a child has dreamt of owning their very own horse at some point in their young lives.  Lucky for us, there is a place right here in Fenton, where those dreams can become a reality.

Blue skies and green grasses, and the sounds of soft neighing will entice your senses while on the farm.    This scenery can be found at Wind Walker Farms, which is located right here in Fenton, Michigan.  This is a place where many come to ride horses, to learn about horses and to develop horsemanship.  Others make this their go –to-farm when it comes to purchasing a horse.  I would venture to say that all that come to Wind Walker Farms come to find their own little bit of serenity.  The farm is nothing short of breathtaking.  The everyday hustle and bustle seems to be left the minute you drive up the dirt path to the barn.

Tim Scarberry, owner of Wind Walker Farms, grew up in Fenton, right where Wind Walker Farms stands today.   Tim’s love of horses started when he was just a young boy, and continued on into adulthood.


After watching Tim work with a variety of clients, one thing has remained constant – the skills he is teaching at Wind Walker Farms can be applied while riding a horse, while working with a horse, and in everyday

Windwalker Farms

life.  With Tim’s guidance, riders, owners, and hopeful owners will learn to develop a rapport with the horses, which is probably the most important thing when it comes to working with a 1,000 pound animal.  One of the infamous things that Tim can be heard saying over and over is “to take a deep breath.”    Taking the time for that deep breath can instantly help just about any situation – on or off a horse. 

So, what do you do if you have an interest in learning horsemanship yourself?  Call Wind Walker Farms today, and schedule an appointment with Tim.  Schedule a riding lesson and begin learning proper horsemanship.  Travel the trails with gorgeous scenery – tall trees, green pines, fallen logs and ponds.  The trails you travel at Wind Walker Farms have to be some of the most beautiful around town – especially as the season changes and those leaves turn to a splendor of reds and golds.   Wind Walker Farms also has an indoor arena, so the training doesn’t have to stop if the weather gets too bad. 

If you are looking to purchase a horse, Wind Walker Farms not only sells the horses, but also provides training for the soon to be owner, to help develop a relationship between horse and rider that is unlike any other.  While there are a variety of horses available at Wind Walker Farms, most of the horses are of the breed Kentucky Mountain Horse.  The Kentucky Mountain Horse is a mid-sized horse, that is most often known for their gentle temperament and willing disposition.  Even if you have never owned a horse before, Wind Walker Farms makes it fun and easy for first time buyers.  Wind Walker Farms puts both the rider and horse through their “Training & Partnership Assurance Program,“  which helps ensure that both the rider and the horse are a great team before leaving the farm. 

Visit the Wind Walker Farms website at windwalkertraining.org to see gorgeous horses for sale, or call Tim himself at 810.287.2415 to schedule an appointment for riding lessons.  You can also find Wind Walker Farms on Facebook.  Take some time for you and have some fun –  jump in that saddle today!