Pilates: For the young, the old and every ‘body’ in between.


Every day we hear how the benefits of exercise can improve our lives, but with so many fitness fads and choices what’s a ‘body’ to do?  One tried and true method of exercise that has been around for over a century (and still practiced today) is Pilates. Developed during world war one to condition soldiers, Pilates stood the test of time for its proven effectiveness in building a better body from the inside out.

The number of children with obesity is rising and concerned parents are looking for an exercise program to keep their kids fit and set them on a path to a lifetime of good health.  With Pilates that path starts with teaching the principles of movement to create a balanced musculature which improves posture and spinal alignment. With continued practice comes strength and stability.  As children are growing they gain body awareness and with Pilates exercises their bodies will move more efficient and gracefully thus increasing athleticism and coordination.

If you’re ‘young at heart’, then Pilates exercise is perfect for you too.  As we age, we lose some balance and coordination.  Pilates focuses on building a strong core – those deep abdominal muscle and those supporting muscles close to the spine. Increasing core strength and flexibility of the spine has a positive effect on stability. Plus these exercises are easy on the joints with little or no impact.

Pilates’ popularity is well documented among adults, dancers and athletes.  Today you’ll find programs popping up in colleges and in classrooms all over the globe as part of a routine physical education curriculum.  Southern Lakes Parks & Recreation has included Pilates classes on its fitness schedule for many years, retaining certified instructors and staying current with new developments.  Look to our website at www.slpr.net for a class schedule and contact our office with your questions, comments and suggestions. Every ‘body’ needs Pilates.