Legacy Coin Shop


With summer being the popular season for “Do It Yourself” projects and a time when the smell of flowers and freshly cut grass blows in the warm summer breeze, one businessman was inspired to make what was once a dream, into a reality.

Meet Mike. A driven entrepreneur and the owner of Legacy Coin Shop in Linden.  

“I have been collecting coins and baseball cards since I was eight years old,” Mike said. “My uncle used to pay my brother and I to help him with different landscaping jobs around his property but he would not pay us in cash, instead he would pay us in Standing Liberty Quarters and Mercury Silver Dimes so we couldn’t waste our money on candy. He would teach us the value of the coins and advise us to hold onto them until we were grown-up; his stories intrigued me and started my life-long hobby of collecting.”

Fast-forward several years and one would find this young man to be an avid collector as an adult.

“When the economy crashed in 2009, I lost my job as a custom-home-builder,” Mike said. “As I was searching for another job, I began contemplating opening up a coin shop. At this time, the global interest of gold and silver was increasing tremendously, along with my knowledge and experience with coins and baseball cards, I decided to open my shop. I took a hobby and turned it into a career.”

Every night as Mike goes to shut off the lights to close the Legacy Coin Shop, he glances back at a wooden frame hung above his desk which showcases the first dollar he made in his business.

If you’re interested in selling or buying old coins, sportscards or other collectable items, please stop by and talk to Mike at Legacy Coin Shop at 8266 Silver Lake Road, Linden, MI or call (810)458-6275 or mobile number: (810)394-1361.