2017 Ford Raptor F-150 SuperCrew Unveiled at NAIAS


The North American International Auto Show is clearly Americas hot spot for the latest and greatest in automotive vehicles and technology.  We were able to get a sneak peak already at the second generation Ford Raptor, but, Ford held back some of the buzz and waited to unveil the SuperCrew version at this years

Auto Show.  

The first question out of most people when they see this all new off road monster is “when can I get one?”  Well, it actually is not that long of a wait at all, Ford plans to release the Raptor later this year.  We asked Matt Lasco from Lasco Ford what his thoughts were on availability of the Raptor when it is released.  “We are actually known for our allocation of vehicles due to being a high volume dealer, so, we are actually expecting to get several Raptors this first run.” Lasco says.  So why will everyone be running out to buy this O.E.M. baja truck?  Well, there are many reasons, let’s start with this list:  

1.  500 pounds lighter than is predicesor.

2.  All new 3.5L Turbochargred engine that pushes out 450 horsepower.

3.  All new 10 speed transmission. 

3.  Fantasic new design both inside and out.

4.  Well, lets face it, it is a head turner!

We are beyond excited to see this new Ford Raptor hit showrooms and will be sure to get inside of one early for a test drive and tell you what we think!  Until then, we will keep drooling!  

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