Facebook Introduces Sports Stadium


We have all been there, texting one another during the big rivalary game, sending every emoticon and bitmoji available on your device.  The team at Facebook has clearly identified this connection, and put their thinking caps on fast, launching Facebook Sports Stadium.

Facebook Sports Stadium is a dedicated place on the social media network that allows users to experience sports in real-time with other friends.   Facebook was quick to note that there are over 650 million sports fans and that they consider Facebook as

Facebook Sports Stadium

the world’s largest stadium.

In a news report release from the Facebook Newsroom they state that all the content on Facbook related to the game is in one palce, and it comes in real time and appears chronologically.  You can see:

  • Posts from your friends, and their comments on plays
  • Posts and commentary from experts, like teams, leagues and journalists, with easy access to their Pages
  • Live scores, stats and a play-by-play
  • Game info, like where to find the game on TV

Overall, this sounds like a great plan to get the social media network connected even deeper between users, and we are excited to see how it evolves in the future.  The upate is being rolled out immediatly for American football games and will support other sports around the world soon.