How to get the most bang for your automotive buck


Automobiles are more expensive than ever before. According to auto researcher Kelley Blue Book, the average transaction price of a new car or truck sold in the United States in April of 2015 was $33,560.  That figure, which represents a nearly 3 percent increase from the average transaction price a year earlier, highlights just how expensive new cars have become. Because cars and trucks are such significant investments, many drivers want to get the most bang for their automotive buck. While that desire compels

some drivers to purchase the most fuel-efficient vehicle they can afford, motorists should know that fuel efficiency is not the only way they can secure the best returns on their automotive investments.


Adhering to manufacturer maintenance guidelines is perhaps the most effective way for drivers to ensure a great return on their automotive investments. Routine maintenance, whether it’s changing oil at the recommended mileage intervals or keeping tires properly inflated so engines aren’t overtaxed, can add years to a vehicle’s life expectancy, stretching drivers’ dollars along the way.


Many drivers purchase a car or truck and never give a second thought to the vehicle’s lights. But there’s a great disparity between standard manufacturer-installed lights and aftermarket lights that employ the latest technology, such as Philips Vision LEDs. With LEDs, vehicle owners are less likely to lose a light to burnout or failure, which can effect visibility and potentially result in a police citation. Unlike incandescent bulbs that will eventually fade and go dim, LEDs stay bright at the same intensity, so drivers can be confident and rely on their consistent performance. Vision LEDs are new, innovative bulbs that are available for direct replacement on interior and exterior lights and feature an advanced design capable of handling extreme heat and high vibrations. Because of their robust design and durability, Vision LEDs are backed by a 12-year limited warranty, providing drivers with more than a decades’ worth of return on their initial investments. And, unlike standard incandescent lights in brake light applications, Vision LEDs turn on instantly, helping drivers react faster. A faster light response can help reduce overall braking distance. For example, at a speed of 75 mph, a driver can reduce braking distance by up to 20 feet because of a quicker reaction to the brake lights.

Shopping for a Discount

Dealerships are also taking the necessary steps to get customers the most value when buying a new vehicles.  Jay Lasco from Lasco Ford in Fenton, MI said “We work every day monitoring the manufacturer programs and incetives to make sure we are ordering and stocking the models and trim levels that offer the best value to customers.”  Lasco Ford currently has over 400 new Ford vehicles in stock, but, Lasco says that they still can run out of the hot trim levels that offer the biggest discounts.  You can see the entire inventory of Ford vehicles by visitng