Don’t let your home sit on the market, sell it FAST!


If you speak with any agent, they can most likely give you the average days on market for a home in your area.  The question is, do you want to sell quickly, or are you ok with your property sitting on the market for awhile?Occasionally there is no logical reason for the length of time it takes to sell a house.  You could have thesheer luck of a buyer that has shopping for months looking for “your house”, you list, and POOF! Sold in a few days. You could have a house that seems like it will sell quickly and it sits on the market for months, hardly any showings, no offers.  Although there are no guarantees, there are some pretty solid ways to position yourself to sell your home quickly.There are 3 factors that typically dictate how your transaction will go: 1. Price – It is, often times, difficult for a buyer to see the range of comps in their area and choose to price on the lower, or more ‘realistic’ end.  A smart strategy that agents use to entice multiple offers, which tend to push the price higher and shorten the time on market, is to price the house a just slightly under market value. In addition, lower price range homes tend to sell faster than higher priced ranges simply because there are more buyers who can afford lower-priced homes.
 2. Condition – It is no surprise that homes in great condition sell faster than those that need work.  Cleaning, de-cluttering, and freshening up the house allows people to imagine themselves in the home, rather than to think about all of the work it will take to get the home ready.  If your house does need work, price realistically.  It is important to understand the cost that it would take a buyer to get the home up to snuff and to build that into your pricing structure.3. Location – Location, location, location.  You know the story.  A house may o`n the surface appear perfect but be too far from the freeways, not in the best school district and it will sit for awhile.  A house that isn’t perfect in a great location will sell quickly because buyers will suffer the work as a trade of for convenience of location.Whatever your situation a real estate professional will help you navigate the waters of the market. Whether you would like to sell quickly, or hold out for the almighty dollar, an experienced professional can help outline a plan to achieve your goals.If you have any questions or need help getting your home ready for sale, give me a call, I’d love to help.  We can start looking for homes for sale on Lake Fenton in Fenton, Michigan 48430 today.  Jennifer Lasco248.840.6059http://jenniferlasco.comsold@jenniferlasco.comYour local Real Estate ExpertAlways with the happiest clients on the block.