Ford GT Application and Price Information


The Ford GT application process and price has had auto enthusiasts across the globe are itching for more information.   Many of the serious buyers have their checkbooks ready, regardless of the cost.  The rumors are starting to surface over an application that Ford is set to release this month, along with the exact pricing of the vehicle.  To date, there has been no official information released from Ford answering these questions, but, recently some insider information is helping put a good perspectiive on what everyone should expect.

According to the Detroit News, Ford will launch a website this month that will allow interested buyers to fill out an application.  The application will dig deep into the interested buyers history of ownership and planned use for the vehicle.  “We want to prioritize people who are going to care about the car, keep the car,

and drive the car,” Raj Nair, Ford’s product chief, said to the Detroit News during an interview with him.

The price of the Ford GT is planned to be significatly higher than the GT’s that were sold during 2005 and 2006.  During an interview with Edmunds, Jamal Hameedi, chief engineer at Ford Performance said: “It is going to kind of be in the space of Lamborghini Aventador. They start around $400,000. It may be lower, it may be higher, but it will be that space.”

We are as excited as everyone that is waiting in line to purchase a Ford GT and can’t wait to see one driving down a Michigan road.  Stay up to date on the latest news regarding the Ford GT right here with The Lasco Press, as we plan on following the application launch closely.  

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