The Lost Art of Sewing!


Just recently, my own daughter asked me to sew her toe shoes for dance class.  Being that I never learned to sew myself, I did what I always do – and asked my dad for help… (Yes – he sews!  Sadly, I never quite learned the art of sewing from him. It is something I plan to do though).

Sewing is something I truly wish I had learned to do as a child.  Maybe if I had started as a child, it wouldn’t

seem so daunting.  Great news for the children of today though – SLPR is offering a great sewing class for children this winter!

Fabric Bunting Banner for Children – Saturday, February 20th, 10am to 12pm.  Ages 8 and up.  $15 resident, $25 non-residents.  $6 supply fee paid to instructor.

I will be honest –I had to look up what a “fabric bunting” in fact was.  (Remember – not much sewing background here…).  So, for those of like myself that are not quite sure what a fabric bunting is – think a banner that children can hang in their rooms as decoration .  Google it – they are really cute!  

Children ages 8 and up will be able to choose a fabric that they like, and will learn how to sew this magnificent decorative piece…all by themselves!  The class is geared for beginners and the seasoned little seamstress/tailor. 

Pre-registration is required.  Participants can register online at, or stop by the SLPR office and register in person.  Questions?  Please email Nancy at   Here is to the next generation of talented tailors and seamstresses!