La Marsa Restaurant Comes to Fenton


Impeccable Service and Delicious Healthy food right here in Fenton.There is something very special about walking into a restaurant and feeling like you are being happily welcomed like family.  It’s even better when you get that warm welcome, along with great food! The first thing that you will notice when you enter La Marsa is the lengths that the owners took to invest in a beautiful environment forLa Marsa Fentonthe diners.  It is nosurprise that the build out too nearly 10 months to complete.  Featuring a beautifully entry welcoming you in with golden pendant lights, a beautiful decorative ceiling, warm paint colors and an open serving kitchen in the back.  This is also one of the only facilities in the area with a large private dining room, perfect for events or business meetings.The second thing that you will notice is the fragrant scents wafting  through the air from the amazing array of cuisines drawing you in.  The staff at La Marsa is a Mosaic of cultures from across many countries and religions.  They have taken notes from different parts of the globe adding some middle eastern dishes, some Mediterranean dishes, and even some Egyptian dishes to create a menu with options that every customer will delight even the pickiest of eaters.One thing that was absolutely amazing was the energy and excitement  that the district manager George Steinke had about the company.  He told us about the beginning of the company, in 2006, when La Marsa was nothing but a dream between the 3 founding members Adel, Fahdel, and Mo joined together in a small location at Drake and Grand River in a small location with 6La Marsa Fentontables and a little counter area.  It was a tiny spot in the middle of a strip mall that was barely visible, it would be a difficult spot for any business to gain traction and get off of the ground.  The owners took great care of everyone and treated them like family and the business grew and grew.Currently with 8 locations and a 9th in the works, it is hard to believe how hands on the management team is in the operations.  At their grand opening event they were actively welcoming guests and working hands on with the team to ensure that every guest received great service.  What was the main focus of our conversation with General Manager Gordon Steinke and Fadhel Gannoum?  How they could get involved in the community and give back.  How refreshing!  One of the main focuses within their organization is supporting local schools, churches, and other community organization to give back and help build up the people around them.We started our meal with some of the most delicious Hommous that I have ever had.  With the brick oven and fresh bread baking non-stop, you are in for a real treat even with the appetizers.  We continued along with a nice fatoush salad – nice and fresh, and perfect to add chicken for a great healthy lunch or dinner option.  That Tabbouli was fresh and delicious and the Kibbeh Nayeh is one of my personal favorites and Fadhel told me to drizzle it with olive oil which really kicked it up a notch. The owners of the chainLa Marsa Fenton Michiganare adamant about the benefits of eating heathly foods and how their restaurant has been a welcome addition to the communities they serve because it provides delicious options, that just happen to be very healthy.We talked about the most popular dishes and although there were too many to name, the lentil soup, all of the chicken dishes, the shish tawook, and the lamb chops top the list of best sellers.  Another great option for healthy eaters?  Fresh Juices!  I know that we have all been craving a juice bar around here, now you can get fresh squeezed carrot, carrot apple, carrot beet, orange or apple juices anytime!If you aren’t a die hard Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food lover like myself just yet, or haven’t had the opportunity to try Mediterranean, Middle Eastern or Egyptian food you are in for a treat.  Stop by to visit our newest local restaurant and enjoy the cuisine.La Marsa of Fenton is located at 17055 Silver Parkway, Fenton, MI  48430For additional information you can visit their website at:

La Marsa Mediterranean Cuisine