What’s all this talk about 17.1? What does it mean?

Crossfit Tuebor West Members Prepare CrossFit Games 2017


The dreaded burpee. No one particularly likes them, especially when you add to it. That is exactly what Workout 17.1 has to offer in the shadow of the CrossFit Games. In only six months we will all watch as the fittest on Earth compete for the title. Only the best make it to the CrossFit Games and only the best takes the championship.

Crossfit 17.1
Crossfit 17.1 Training at Tuebor West in Fenton, MI

The CrossFit Games start on August 1st, but before you look that far ahead you must rip through the Open which just started on February 23. This is the opportunity for CrossFitters from around the world to send in their video submissions to see how they stack up against the competition. The athletes who do make the cut will have the opportunity to attend Regional’s before they can move on to the CrossFit Games.

Workout 17.1 was unveiled yesterday and it includes a total of 75 burpee box jump-over’s—ouch! Oh, did I mention that it also has 150 dumbbell snatches? By the way, the workout has a 20 minute cap—whenever a workout has a cap it usually means many won’t complete the workout as prescribed in under that time.

Crossfit 17.1
Jamie Lasco training at Tuebor West in Fenton, MI

That didn’t stop the rowdy bunch at CrossFit Tuebor West. In fact, it motivated them so much so that they had a launch party celebrating the start of the Open and then followed it up the next day with the whole gym completing 17.1. Andrew Charlesworth completed this monster workout in just 13:52 and not far behind was Jamie Lasco with a time of 15:32, both taking the top block for males and females.

However, many of the athletes tackling the 17.1 challenge over at CrossFit Tuebor West are beginners. Imagine looking at 75 burpee box jump-overs and 150 dumbbell snatches on the whiteboard as a welcoming gift. But that’s what makes CrossFit and Tuebor West exceptional. The coaches know how to scale and modify to meet the needs of each athlete. It’s about pushing the boundaries of physical fitness but doing so smartly.

The Open has just begun and CrossFit Tuebor West, along with the rest of CrossFit Nation, are just starting to get warmed up. Veterans and beginners alike work side by side through sweat, tears and blood. They endure this physical stress because it’s about promoting health, strength, and longevity. And if you have ever been to a CrossFit gym, it’s about the people—the strong bonds, the personal victories and the joy of watching others progress and excel.