Jennifer Lasco Real Estate Opens New Office in Downtown Fenton


What does it take to be a successful real estate agent?  Most people would say determination and hard work.  It doesn’t hurt to have an award-winning smile and a charming personality.  Jennifer Lasco possesses each of these qualities.  Plus, she now has a new office to showcase her growing firm.  The Grand Opening of Jennifer Lasco Real Estate, April 26th at their location in downtown Fenton, provided a glimpse into the heart of her business.  Located at 101 N Adelaide St., the newly renovated building sets you at ease the moment you walk in the door.  Ask Jennifer what it takes to succeed in the highly competitive real estate market and she will tell you; “Caring about your clients, loving the opportunity to assist them, and providing a level of service, unlike any other firm they may have experienced.”

Jennifer Lasco Real Estate Grand Opening
Jennifer Lasco, Cutting the ribbon at the Jennifer Lasco Real Estate Grand Opening in Fenton, Michigan

A Boutique Real Estate Firm

Jennifer does not shy away from the term “Boutique Firm.” She embraces it; “That is exactly what we are and you sense it stepping into our new office. It’s different, its unique. It speaks to our clients that we are not just another real estate firm. The attention to detail is the message our new space imparts to our customers. This atmosphere mirrors the manner in which we treat them.”

In fact, the boutique atmosphere is precisely what attracted new Associate Broker and Director of Strategy, Adam Haffajee. A 14-year veteran in the business, Adam started his career in the Fenton area. “I started in the real estate business at an office just down the street. Many of my customers reside in the Fenton area and I love the locale. When Jennifer opened her office here it was a great fit for the way I like to do business. Her focus on customer attention is most important and I’m excited to join with her to help grow the business.”

Adam Haffajee and Jennifer Lasco Real Estate
Adam Haffajee and Jennifer Lasco

A Customer-Centric Business Model

Jennifer stressed that; “Our firm does not hire real estate agents, we employ associates who embrace our customer-centric model. This is what differentiates us from every other firm in town.” Speaking to Jennifer’s staff, the attention to customer service is clearly evident. Agents Amy Golombeski, Karima Amlani, and Nicole Dzendzel all expressed; “They love working with people.” The smiles and hugs shared during the event speak to the sincerity of the firm’s focus on individuals.

The grand opening was a smashing success. Treats complete with the JL logo were catered from Cake Pops by Destany, the Kona Ice truck served snow cones to kids of all ages. B-Dogs dished up their specialty hot dogs with conventional and distinctively different topping combinations. Everyone joined in to cheer the ribbon cutting and official opening of the new office. As the sign out front says, “Come in, We’re Awesome.”

Visit the Jennifer Lasco Real Estate website at or you can call or text the office at 810.433.955