AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships: Update

Loretta Lynn Ranch August 1st, 2017 12:30 pm

Following up on our coverage of The 36th Annual Rocky Mountain ATV/MC AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships presented by Lucas Oil at Loretta Lynn Ranch. Ryan Valade’s second moto of the day ran this afternoon in Vet +30 class.

Ryan Valade
Lasco Press Photo / Steve Sweitzer

Motocross is a young man’s sport. The physical toll on your body is significant. A heart rate of 180 is the norm during a moto. For 40-year old Ryan Valade, competing in two AMA Amateur motocross races within three hours is an amazing achievement. Ryan credits his physical stamina to daily CrossFit training.

CrossFit is a one-hour group workout designed to enhance full body fitness. It’s endurance training, strength training, mental training and cardiovascular training. You might wonder how mental training plays into a physical workout. Matt Lasco, owner of Tuebor West CrossFit and a motocross rider himself explains. “When you are 20 minutes into a 30-minute workout your mind tells you, it is time to quit. So, pushing through to that 30-minute point trains your mind to understand it is possible to keep going. When you are six laps into a 10-lap moto and you reach that wall, you know your body has more to give and you just need to push through the wall to be successful.”

In his first AMA Amateur moto of the day Ryan ran consistent lap times to make up 13 positions and hold off challengers with more experience riding motos. According to Ryan, “The training we do at Tuebor West is no doubt a key to helping me stay competitive all race long. I don’t get that late race drop-off that costs positions. I can race as hard on the last lap as the first lap.”

Vet 30+ Class Moto

In his second moto of the day, the Vet 30+ class. Ryan’s start was a substantial improvement from the earlier race. He entered the first corner in sixth place. Racing against men as much as 10 years his junior, Ryan held his own. Ex-professional riders populate the Veteran class. It’s a way for them to still compete when they have passed their prime and cannot keep up with the 18-20-year-old rookies hitting the circuit every year. Ryan finished 13th out of 42 riders in the class. Gaining additional track time that will help him in his primary Senior competition class.