Bristol Photo Gallery: Fitzgerald Peterbilt Transporter Parade


One of the most popular events in the week leading up to The Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race at Bristol Motor Speedway is the Fitzgerald Peterbilt Transporter Parade. The race car haulers run through downtown Bristol and out to the speedway south of town. Fans line the route, encourage the drivers to blast their air horns and flash their lights.

Fireworks announce the arrival of the transporters at the track as the big rigs turn in the drive that takes them to the third turn trackside entrance. Fans in the stands cheer as their favorite driver’s trailer enters and drives down the banking into the infield garage/parking area. The whole process is a spectacle and photos don’t really do it justice. It’s something you have to see and experience.

The turnout is not diminished by the fact that the haulers don’t enter Bristol Motor Speedway until 10 pm in the evening. Fan enthusiasm is evident from the whoops, hollers, and camera flashes. As part of The Lasco Press live on-site coverage at the track we are happy to share the images we captured in this Bristol Photo Gallery.

“It’s Bristol Baby” and it’s the Fitzgerald Peterbilt Transporter Parade.

Race Teams, Sponsors, Fans

Entering the Track

Parking: Big Rigs, Tight Spaces

How Close do They Park? Real Close!

How Steep are the Corners? Real Steep!

The Work Goes On Into the Night


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