Lasco Ford Career Spotlight: Annie Hoffman, Pre-Owned Manager

With the high cost of secondary education more high school graduates are looking for jobs that don't necessarily require a degree, but still offer good income opportunities. In a new weekly feature, Lasco Ford is highlighting career opportunities in the retail automobile business.

Annie Hoffman

Annie Hoffman is a Pre-Owned Manager at local Fenton auto dealer Lasco Ford. Her job responsibilities include managing the pre-owned inventory at Lasco’s Owen Road dealership. She works with the Sales Department helping buyers get their best deal and financing to purchase their dream car. Annie also works with the Ford Parts and Ford Service Departments to coordination the reconditioning of Lasco’s pre-owned inventory. Making sure vehicles meet customer’s expectations for both value and vehicle condition.

How did Annie land a job that provides outstanding compensation and the recognition of an upper-level management position in a highly competitive industry?  Simple, she walked in the door starting in an entry-level position that matched her skill set. Annie applied those skills and learned as she worked. She took advantage of training opportunities presented. Earning career advancements as her knowledge and experience warranted.

Attending a college or university can easily leave a four-year degree graduate with over $100,000 in student loans. If that degree is in demand competition among fellow graduates can result in sub-standard salary offers for open positions. In low-demand industries, available jobs may be almost non-existent. More and more high school graduates are looking at alternate career opportunities.

Annie started at Lasco Ford in 2006 following up on internet leads from customers seeking additional information about Ford products. She had worked previously in a clothing store and for a local eye doctor. Annie’s skills in helping customers made for the perfect fit in responding to customer inquiries. When asked how she came to work for Lasco Ford, Annie responded. “Matt Lasco lived across the street and would bug me about coming to work for the company.”

The automobile business was not entirely foreign to Annie, her uncle owned a dealership. “I was hesitant to get into a dealership, based on my perception of the business offering only a commission based income with very little security. When I came to Lasco Ford they gave me a salary with the opportunity to earn bonuses based on job performance. They helped me clearly envision a career path that I could work towards to improve my income level far beyond any job I’d held previously.”

Annie moved into the dealership’s Business Development Center helping customers with various services and soon became the manager of that department. According to Matt Lasco, Vice President of Lasco Ford, “Annie, like a lot of young people, had not found her niche. She came to work for us, learned the business from the ground up and excelled. This is Annie’s 12th year at Lasco Ford, she is a valued and respected member of our team.”

Local Employment Opportunities

Lasco Ford is looking for individuals, like Annie, who want an opportunity to succeed in a career that pays them to learn as they grow. Interested applicants can apply online at or by contacting Lasco’s Human Resources Manager Kelsey Riley at 810-593-1249 or