Lasco Ford Career Spotlight: Emily Kerzka, Sales Consultant

With the high cost of secondary education more high school graduates are looking for jobs that don't necessarily require a degree, but still offer good income opportunities. In a regular series of feature articles, Lasco Ford is highlighting career opportunities in the retail automobile business.


Do you know anyone that meets this description? Great personality, fun to be with, likes interacting with people, but stuck in a dead end job and going nowhere. Fortunately for Emily Kerzka, she had a friend working at Lasco Ford that recognized the skills Emily had going for her. Even though Emily was not sure she had them herself.

For most of 2014, Emily was working as a waitress and had been for the previous four years. People skills, you bet. You can’t survive that long in the food service business if you are not good working with people. Emily was a single Mom, tired of waiting tables and looking for something that would provide a better income for her and her daughter. Her friend Kayla keep telling her, “you can make good money in the car business, you would be good at it.”

Emily wasn’t sure. “I didn’t know anything about cars. The thought of working at a dealership scared me. And I did not want to work on commission, I needed a steady income.” Kayla finally convinced her friend to just come and talk to the management team at Lasco Ford.

In November of 2014, Emily came to work for the family-owned dealership on Owen Road in Fenton, MI. She hired in as an assistant to Dan, one of Lasco’s most experienced Sales Consultants. She followed Dan’s daily activities, learning with real-life experience from the ground up. Best of all, Emily earned an income as she learned. Sort of like an apprentice learning job skills.

Attending a college or university can easily leave a four-year degree graduate with over $100,000 in student loans. There are good paying jobs that don’t require a diploma hanging on the wall. Hard working individuals with a desire to succeed are in demand, especially in the retail car business. Various skill sets are a good fit for many of the diverse positions an automobile dealership needs to run efficiently.

Emily found out she had the right skills all along. She just needed some self-confidence and direction to showcase those skills. “I always loved working with people and being of service to them.” Emily’s years in food service proved she knew how to take care of customers. After 18 months on the job, taking advantage of Ford Motor Company training, and practicing with Dan and his customers. Emily earned the opportunity to loose the assistant part of the title and began work as a Certified Ford Sales Consultant.

Emily still trains regularly, keeping up with the changing trends in the business. She still works on a salary but receives bonuses based on performance. By maintaining high customer satisfaction ratings she earns additional business from repeat customers and referrals they send her. According to Emily, “I earn a good living and am able to support my family. It’s so great to work with a customer, especially those who might have struggled with credit problems. To see their face light up when we find the right car and financing to meet their needs.”

Customer satisfaction is Emily’s number one priority. She’s working to build a career. “It’s like having my own business. I set goals, I control my own success. Going above and beyond for every customer is how I treat people.” Emily has flex times in her schedule, spends time with her daughter, and enjoys the family atmosphere of the dealership. “I work with my friends, what a fun way to spend your time on the job.”

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According to Matt Lasco, Vice President of Lasco Ford, “Emily is a great success story. When she started, you could tell she was a little scared. Who isn’t nervous about starting a new job. But, you could also see the determination to not fail. Emily’s story is repeated in every department of our dealership. Every day we are looking for people just like Emily. People who are scared to fail, but driven to make a better life for themselves. It’s one of the most exciting parts of our business.”

Do you know someone looking for that career that is the perfect fit for their skills? Lasco Ford is looking for individuals with a variety of abilities. Make an appointment to speak with Kelsey Riley, Lasco’s Human Resources Manager. Call 810-593-1249 or email Interested applicants can also apply online at