Lasco Ford Invests in Heavy-Duty Truck Service Technology


Heavy-duty trucks are big rigs and “heavy” is an accurate description. Most repair shops cannot work on such large vehicles. These heavy-duty trucks require special equipment to service their components. Most are diesel and need tools quite different than those used on conventional passenger cars and trucks. Their weight alone requires lifts specially constructed to raise the truck chassis and body configuration to a height that allows the technician access to the underside of the vehicle.

If you own one or more of these specialty trucks you’ve probably visited several shops looking for the facility equipped to handle repairs and maintenance. Most heavy-duty truck repair centers look like garages from another era. Large engine assemblies and transmissions laying about. The floor soaked with years of oil and grease stains covered with a layer of floor dry material just to make it safe to walk around.

Lasco Ford Service Department

Heavy-duty truck service has entered the 21st century. Looking for a clean modern facility to work on your fleet of trucks? Check out Lasco Ford.

Two years into their new ultra-modern, all green service department. Lasco Ford is focused on the growth of their customer service capabilities. The local Fenton Ford dealer, now in their 35th year, is continuing to invest in their customers.

Heavy-Duty Truck Lifting Equipment

Getting a truck that weighs 8+ tons off the ground is no small job. Conventional automotive lifts cannot raise vehicles that heavy. Plus conventional auto lifts have a bar across the top connecting the two posts for stability. The height of bodies on the heavy-duty chassis limits the lifting height of the vehicle. Four-post lifts accommodate heavier trucks without overhead bars. But, drive-on skids support the vehicle during lifting. Removal of tires and wheels require a second lifting operation.

Four-post lifts with drive-on skids are stationary. Positioning an oversized vehicle properly on a four-post lift is a challenge in the confines of a busy repair shop. What’s the solution? Check out the latest technology available.

Lasco Ford HD Truck Center

ATTENTION FLEET & HEAVY DUTY TRUCK OWNERSNeed your trucks fixed fast and right the first time?Lasco Ford has invested in the latest technology not only allowing us to lift up to 50,000lbs, but we have the best Heavy Duty & Diesel Mechanics in the area! Let us help you keep your business thriving by keeping your vehicles on the road paying for themselves. Call us at 888.486.1708 or visit to schedule an appointment online today.

Posted by Lasco Ford on Monday, September 25, 2017

State of the Art Truck Lifts

Lasco Ford uses Rotary’s MACH Flex Mobile Lifting System to service heavy-duty trucks. Four portable columns, each rated at 13,000 pounds. Provides a total lifting capacity of 52,000 pounds. The portability factor allows positioning of the lift anywhere in the shop. In fact, once raised the vehicle is supported on four heavy-duty jack stands. The lifting mechanism is removed for servicing the tires and wheels. Plus the lift can be moved to raise another vehicle.

State-of-the-art equipment, Ford Trained Technicians, a convenient location, and a quality service experience. Lasco Ford Fleet Service has much to offer. Reach out to Lasco Ford Service Manager Patty Chemberlin at (833) 861-2263 or via email for additional information.

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