Lasco Career Spotlight: Trevor Callahan, Ford Senior Master Technician


Earning the designation of Ford Senior Master Technician is an accomplishment only a select number of automotive technicians achieve. It signifies the pinnacle of knowledge for those who work on the Blue Oval product line.

Trevor Callahan of Lasco Ford in Fenton, Michigan received that recognition from Ford Motor Company today. In a celebration hosted by the dealership, senior management from both Lasco Ford and the manufacturer honored Trevor.

Lasco Ford Vice President Jay Lasco commented. “We are so proud of the efforts Trevor has put forth to attain this goal of his. It’s great to see a young man come to work and dedicate himself to being the best he can possibly be in his chosen profession. We congratulate Trevor and are proud to have him as a part of our dealership family.

How Do You Become a Ford Senior Master Technician

Today’s vehicles are technological marvels. All you have to do is open the hood and stare at the engine to understand working on it requires a high level of training. The computer processing capabilities alone dwarf anything NASA used to launch a spacecraft to the moon and return it to earth.

To work on the cars and trucks coming off Ford’s assembly line takes a technician trained in Electronics, Computer Technology, and Mechanical Function just to name a few skills. So how do you start charting and following a career path that culminates with so much knowledge?

For Trevor, the foundational knowledge base began at The University of Northwestern Ohio in their College of Applied Technologies. He earned an Associates Degree in Automotive Technology. That was eight years ago.

Book Knowledge vs. Hands-On Experience

Trevor would tell you everything you learn about automotive technology is valuable knowledge. But, getting under the hood or dash of a car is where the training begins. there is no substitution for hands-on experience.

Right out of school Trevor was referred to Lasco Ford by his brother who knew people that worked at the dealership. Trevor applied and was hired. His first job? Changing oil and rotating tires. Trevor began his dealership training taking online technical courses offered through Ford Motor Company. As he learned the product and gained basic Ford certifications he began to take on jobs that reflected the skills and knowledge he developed.

Working on brakes, performing on-board computer calibrations, and programming accessories led to an opportunity to work as a diesel apprentice under a senior technician in the shop.

Moving Forward

More online training qualified Trevor to begin taking technical classes Ford offered at Dearborn and other training centers in the Midwest. Three years into his career Trevor completed his first hands-on Ford Factory training class. As his skills combined with his growing knowledge grew Trevor began working on more complex repair operations. Certifications earned wage increases, job proficiency provided increased productivity and income growth.

Five years after that first Factory sponsored class Trevor has completed every certification Ford offers to dealership technicians. Thereby earning recognition as a Ford Senior Master Technician.

What does a Ford Senior Master Technician do for Fun

Trevor enjoys riding dirt bikes, hunting, and spending time with his family. On warm and dry Michigan days Trevor rides his Harley to work at Lasco Ford. He sites the facility as the nicest and best-equipped shop in the area. Trevor worked through the transition from a small shop at the back of the showroom. To the state-of-the-art service facility, Lasco Ford erected on their property off Owen Road. Just west of downtown Fenton.

Trevor lives locally, enjoys the dealership atmosphere, hanging with his buddies from the service department and the income derived from his career. Congratulations again Trevor for reaching your goals and earning the recognition that defines this plateau of your career.

Technician Training Opportunities

Do you know someone like Trevor? A highly motivated individual looking for a career that has a defined growth path. Someone looking to get paid while they learn. All while having the opportunity to earn an above average income in a growing industry. Lasco Ford is looking for individuals with a variety of abilities. Make an appointment to speak with Kelsey Riley, Lasco’s Human Resources Manager. Call 810-593-1249 or email Interested applicants can also apply online at