Lasco Ford Opts Into Ford Motor Company Incentive Program to Rent Cars


In a recent Lasco Press article, I shared the personal experience of driving a 2018 Ford F-150 for a couple of weeks.  Fenton sits in the middle of the Detroit, Flint, and Lansing manufacturing triangle. So, it makes sense that a large percentage of our readers are car people. Our most popular articles center on automotive related subjects.

To summarize the F-150 Extended Road Test editorial piece. One of the features of The Lasco Press is our weekly NASCAR coverage. Live coverage at tracks on the circuit has brought our reader’s favorite stories like The King’s Other Driver, Kentucky Speedway Mascot “Horsepower,” and Darrell Gwynn’s Charity Fishing Tournament.  Looking to expand live coverage for 2018, I considered towing my hotel room behind me to the tracks. This meant having a vehicle capable of pulling a travel trailer.

Living out of a camper several weekends a year was not something I considered a challenge. In fact, it would be an advantage. Camping at or near the track is a better option than driving considerable distances to find affordable accommodations on race weekends. My concern? Not having driven a pickup truck in many years, I wondered if I could give up my comfortable 4-door sedan and climb behind the wheel of a truck.

Try It Before You Buy It

Our newspaper editor spoke to Lasco Ford and arranged for me to drive the F-150 for a couple of weeks to see if I liked it. Wow, as the article indicated, I was impressed. The truck now sits in my driveway. For us, the Ford lease deal on F-150’s was the most attractive ownership option. Since driving our new truck home I only get behind the wheel when I can pry the keys away from my wife. It has become “her truck.”

Lasco Ford Vice President Matt Lasco contacted us after delivery to make sure the sales process was handled to our satisfaction. He mentioned that our readers might be interested to know about other programs like the “extended road test.”

Matt explained. “We can now offer our family of owners and prospective customers the opportunity to drive brand new Ford products as rental cars. Thanks to a new program offered through Ford Motor Company. We have a fleet of current model year rental cars in Fenton, Michigan. Most of Ford’s 2018 model line is represented. Vehicles are cycled out when they reach 2,000 miles, so the inventory constantly remains fresh.”

Purchase Incentives

Matt went on to say “Our enrollment in this special program through Ford Motor Company allows us to offer significant factory incentives to rental vehicle buyers.” He showed us a deal with stacked incentives topped off by the rental discount that totaled a $14,000 reduction in the list price of the vehicle. He pointed out the impact these savings can have on Ford Lease Deals. As well as reducing payments on Ford Financing purchases.

Do dealerships rent cars? Who knew? From a marketing standpoint, this sounds like a big win for customers considering a new vehicle purchase. We asked Matt why doesn’t Ford advertise this program? His reply, “Because this is an optional advertising platform that dealers must choose to enroll in, it is not available at every Ford Dealership. We at Lasco Ford saw the advantage of exposing more potential customer’s to Ford’s impressive product line and enrolled our dealership. It is marketing gold for Ford Motor Company to attract new buyers and we chose to be a part of it.”

Rent to Own

Just like I did, trying before buying helps customers make the correct purchase decision. Similar situations might include; what kind of economy and performance will a compact Ford Focus give me? Does the Explorer provide enough room for my family, or should I consider the larger Expedition? The C-Max Hybrid is interesting, how does the driving experience differ from standard non-hybrid models.

Lasco sales and leasing experts can show Ford Loyalty Buyers how stacking programs like D-Plan, along with the extra car rental savings can impact the payment on your next Ford purchase. Buyer’s considering Ford for the first time can experience the Ford difference before making their final purchase decision.

Thinking Outside of the Box

Matt Lasco also pointed out other advantages that participating in the Dealership Rental Car program affords consumers. In the Service Department rentals offer customers convenience options. Some warranty repairs provide a one-day rental. No need to go off-site to a rental agency, the transaction is handled by the dealership rental agent. Some customers want the use of a vehicle when regular maintenance or repairs are going to keep their vehicle overnight. Again, the convenience of being able to reserve a rental car during the appointment process is simplified.

dealership rental cars

You don’t even need to be a Lasco customer to take advantage of the low priced rental car offers. Getting your car repaired at another shop? No problem. Lasco Ford will be happy to offer the same rental car deals their customers get, just for the opportunity to feature the products Ford has to offer. No sales pressure. Just experience the new 2018 Ford line up. The sales and service team at Lasco Ford is confident the product sells itself.

Get Answers to Your Questions

After falling in love with my truck, I still had a number of questions about the best way to finance. Purchase or lease, towing capacities, and optional equipment. Get all the answers by contacting the experts.

For questions about Service Department and daily rental options contact Alexandria Chadwell at 810-593-1233

For rent-to-own purchase options contact Blake Boan at 810-593-1266

NASCAR 2018 starts with the Daytona 500 on February 18th. One weekend left in the off-season. Looks like I will be spending one of those days at the Detroit Camper and RV Show in Novi. The wife said she would come along. But only if I let her drive the truck there.

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