2018 CrossFit Games: CrossFit Tuebor West Update


This weekend the 2018 CrossFit Games continue the Open Competition. Workout 18.1 kicked off the games February 22nd. The announcement listing the elements that athletes must complete appears on-line every Thursday during the five weeks of Open Competition.

The dumbbell weight for men 50 lbs. and for women 35 lbs. Scores are based on the number of repetitions of the complete workout that can be performed in 20 minutes.

Results must be posted by the following Monday and rankings are determined based on points earned each round.

Week 2 Workout 18.2

Last week’s workout consisted of how many repetitions could be completed in a specified amount of time. For the 18.2 workout it flips to how fast athletes can complete a series of progressive repetitions. Starting with one rep, then repeating the task with two reps. The workout is complete when they work their way up to a total of 10 repetitions.

If the athlete is able to complete the task in less than 12 minutes a second element is added. How much weight can he or she raise to shoulder height (clean lift) with a barbell?

CrossFit Tuebor West Gym

The first thing you are likely to notice entering a CrossFit gym is the lack of exercise machines lined up in rows. The workout mat is the significant feature of CrossFit. Equipment lines the wall and athletes grab what they need to complete elements of their workouts. Pull-up bars and rings line the mat. A few rowing machines and stationary bikes sit off to one side.

The CrossFit Workout

CrossFit Tuebor West holds Friday night sessions during the CrossFit Games Open. Athletes warmed up and prepped for the elements of 18.2. Each athlete must have a recorder or watcher to make sure they complete the elements properly. That individual also documents the steps of the workout. Onlookers and those waiting for their turn on the mat cheer the participants on. A clock on the wall counts down to the start and records the time up to the maximum of 12 minutes.

Lifting Weights

The 18.2 workout came with an additional opportunity to earn points lifting weights. After completing all of the required reps the athletes had the opportunity to use their remaining time to lift as much weight on a barbell as possible.

More Lifting Action

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If this looks like an activity you could get into, come by CrossFit Tuebor West at 14261 Torrey Rd Suite B on Friday March-9, March-16, or March-23. Open competition heats start at 4:30 pm and run to approximately 6:30 pm. Check out the action live and learn how you can compete in next year’s CrossFit Games events.