CrossFit Games Complete 4th Week of The Open


Week four of The Open competition in the Crossfit Games 2018 takes strength and stamina to a new level. Athletes must perform a combination of weight deadlifts and handstand pushups. Starting at 225 lbs and then increasing to 315 lbs on the deadlifts. The handstands turn into handstand walks for a distance of 50 ft.

Several athletes from CrossFit Tuebor West put up strong scores through the first four rounds of competition.

CrossFit Tuebor West Top Performers

Here is a quick update of the Top Performing Athletes at CrossFit Tuebor West. Rankings show how the individual compares to all registered Open competitors in the State of Michigan. Through the first four weeks of The Open.

Team Competition

Teams are made up of the top two men and top two women in the Gym. Currently, the CrossFit Tuebor West team is comprised of Mitch Babcock, Chelsea Holcombe, Jamie Lasco, and Matt Lasco. They rank 23rd out of 61 teams in the State.

Mitch Babcock

The Dr. is 26th of 2,475 competitors in the overall Men’s division.

Chelsea Holcombe

In the overall Women’s division, Chelsea ranks 54th of 2,332.

Jamie Lasco

For Women 35-39, Jamie is 17th of 432 women competitors in that age bracket.

Matt Lasco

With one week to go, Matt sits 31st of 432 Men 40-45.

Next week we will take a look at where the athletes wind up in this year’s Open. We’ll also flashback a year or two and see how this year’s effort compares to each individual’s progression at becoming the fittest. You might be surprised at the results.

The Open 18.5

Each week the CrossFit Open 2018 workouts are released Thursday evening. In a historic announcement, CrossFit Games Director Dave Castro broke this week’s news early.  The CrossFit Community is going to decide what The Open 18.5 workout will be.

At 3 pm Pacific Time Thursday, March 22, Castro will announce three workout options for 18.5 on Facebook Live. The CrossFit community will then have the chance to vote on the workouts and select the one they will all have to perform in Week 5 of the CrossFit Games Open. Three options at 3 pm PT. Then at 5 pm PT, he will announce the winning workout.

18.5 Special Announcement

CrossFit Games Director Dave Castro has a special announcement for #18point5

Posted by The CrossFit Games on Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Final Week of The Open Competition at CrossFit Tuebor West

CrossFit Fenton Michigan
Crossfit Tuebor West Gym in Fenton, Michigan

This week, March 23rd marks the final Friday evening workout session for this year’s Open competition. If you think this type of competition and fitness training is something you could get excited about, come out and cheer the athletes on for their final session. Crossfit Tuebor West is located at 14261 Torrey Road, Suite B in Fenton. The first round of workouts start shortly after 4:30 pm and the event wraps up about 7 pm.

If it looks like fun, start right now preparing for the 2019 CrossFit Games. CrossFit Tuebor West will give you a free one-week tryout to see if you can compete with the best. Or, do your best to get yourself healthier and in better physical condition.

The Lasco Press will be on-site to bring you all the excitement of the final week of competition.