Fenton to Host North American Ice Climbing Championships

The unique climbing event will be held at Peabody Ice Climbing, the only permanent ice climbing competition structure in North America.


Fenton, Michigan – North America’s top competition ice climbing athletes will compete this weekend to be crowned the 2018 North American Champions at Peabody Ice Climbing in Fenton Michigan. The athletes will compete in two disciplines, Difficulty and Speed.

This event promises to be a completely unique sporting competition in North America. Some of the featured athletes have recently returned from Ice Climbing World Cup competitions in Switzerland, Italy, China, South Korea, and Russia. Athletes will demonstrate their gymnastic prowess, strength, and speed over two days of competition.

The Difficulty competition will take place on North America’s only competition wall, a 50 ft wood structure with 50-degree overhangs. The Speed competition will be a series of 12m vertical duels between two athletes. Due to the recent warm weather, the speed competition will be taking place on plywood towers instead of ice towers. Competitors will race up the 12m structure in times that could be less than 6 seconds!

Free Admission

The action starts Saturday, March 17th and continues Sunday, the 18th. The entire schedule is listed below. Peabody Ice Climbing is located at 12326 Foley Road in Fenton.

Spectators are welcome during the whole event and admission is free. Make sure to catch the speed competition on Saturday afternoon starting at 3 pm and stay for dinner and a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. On Sunday, difficulty finals start at 3:30 pm followed by the award ceremony and a celebration with the athletes.

2018 North American Ice Climbing Championship Schedule:

Saturday, March 17th
8:30 am Athlete Meeting
9:15 am Route Previews
10:00 am Qualification Starts
2:00 pm Qualification Ends
3:30 pm Speed Practice & Qualification Start
4:15 pm End of Speed Qualifications
7:00pm to 9:00pm Athlete Dinner
5:00 pm Speed Finals Start
7:30 pm Speed Finals End
Sunday, March 18th
8:30 am Semi-Finals Athletes enter Isolation
9:00 am Route Preview
9:15 am Semi-Finals Start
12:30 pm Semi-Finals End
2:00 pm Finals Athletes enter Isolation
3:15 pm Route Preview
3:30 pm Finals Start
5:30 pm Finals End
6:30 pm Awards Ceremony
7:30 pm Party

For more information visit the USA Ice Climbing 2018 North American Ice Climbing Championships website at https://www.usaiceclimbing.org/north-american-championships/

Check out the Peabody Ice Climbing video

Peabody Ice Climbing Club from Wilkinson Visual on Vimeo.