Lasco Career Spotlight: Kelsey Riley, Human Resources Manager


If you ever wondered what a Human Resources manager does, it’s not an easy job. The U.S. Department of Labor defines it this way. “Human resources managers plan, direct, and coordinate the administrative functions of an organization. They oversee the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring of new staff; consult with top executives on strategic planning; and serve as a link between an organization’s management and its employees.”

For a business like Lasco Ford with 140 employees, that person has to wear a number of different hats. From shoulder to cry on counselor to payroll management specialist. Helping to coordinate the personal employment data, benefits, vacation schedules, and periodic reviews of a large staff could appear daunting.

HR managers are often high energy, results driven individuals who possess a commitment to professional integrity. Meet Kelsey Riley, the HR Manager for Lasco Ford. Having done a number of personal profiles in this series highlighting job opportunities in the retail automotive industry, we’ve gotten to know Kelsey quite well. She posses all the listed qualities and a few more.

Balancing the expectations of the employer and employees can present an occasional challenge. While each has a common goal of working for the success of the company. Sometimes the method of achieving that success can seem to diverge from parallel courses. Open communication can resolve issues before they turn into problems.

How does Kelsey accomplish that task with 140 individual personalities? It starts with being excited about coming to work! According to Kelsey, “Lasco Ford is like my second family. The people I work with are awesome and I enjoy watching them grow as they accept new challenges and responsibilities.”

Kelsey was completing her studies at Central Michigan University and just weeks away from earning her Bachelor of Science Degree. She was anxious to put her education to work in a career that would reward her abilities. Kelsey received an invitation from her best friend Kayla to visit Lasco Ford. After Kayla convinced her that working at a car dealership was an exciting job choice. Kelsey applied and was hired.

She began her career as an Executive Assistant. A position that afforded her interaction with every department in the dealership. The diverse responsibilities of the job were exactly what Kelsey was looking for. Never a dull moment, always busy helping a variety of co-workers.

As her career progressed she worked as a manager in the company’s business development center. Following that, she moved to the dealership Finance and Insurance department. Kelsey furthered her education at the Smart Dealer University. Where she learned the nuances of dealership loan processing and insurance product training. Studying consumer regulations and compliance requirements.

Now five years into her tenure at Lasco Ford, Kelsey was promoted to Human Resources Manager. A position that places her among the senior management and directors of the company’s leadership.

Kelsey balances her responsibilities at work with an active personal life. Enjoying the outdoor fun Michigan has to offer. Living in a lakeside community she likes to paddleboard, kayak, and go camping. She also participates in exercise classes and yoga. Never far from her “shadow in life,” Kelsey’s German Shorthaired Pointer named “Sable.”

Career Opportunities

If you would like to start a career as an automotive professional. If you have the skills and work ethic to join a successful organization. Kelsey and the Lasco Automotive Group would like to talk to you.

Lasco Ford and Grand Blanc Mitsubishi are looking for individuals with a variety of abilities. To make an appointment to speak with Kelsey Riley, Lasco’s Human Resources Manager. Call 810-593-1249 or email Interested applicants can also apply online at