Lasco Ford Transit Conversion Vans: Not What You’d Expect


When you say conversion van, most people think of the full-size van with captains chairs, a table, the fold-down bench seat, and custom interior lighting. Think again!

Last year we brought you the story of Fenton’s Matthew Welch. Matthew’s company, Senior Home Solutions, provides custom home modifications for the elderly and disabled. They build and install everything from wheelchair ramps to grab rails, and bathroom conversions such as shower seats, walk-in tubs, etc.

As the work is done on-site, Matthew must carry the materials and equipment necessary to complete the job for his clients. He purchased a Ford Transit Van from Lasco Ford. The large interior space of the Transit allows him to carry more than a conventional van. Matthew converted the interior by adding shelving to organize tools and supplies.

What’s New?

A lot has changed since the Ford Transit Van was introduced. Ford improvements to the van itself and the conversion options that are available to buyers. If you can dream it, Lasco Ford can help you build it.

According to Lasco Ford Vice President Matt Lasco. “We started out building Ford Transit Conversions for our MotoCross Race Teams. After guys at the racetracks began checking them out the concept really took off. Now we build Vans for people from all professions and trades. Electricians, plumbers, and other service providers love the convenience and space the Transit provides. Even fashioning a mobile office for real estate agents and other professionals. We can custom build your dream space.”

From the pictures above you can see the Transit Van has plenty of room for carrying motorcycles in the back. Storage space for parts, tools, and supplies. Even an extended passenger compartment for five people to ride comfortably. At the track, fold down the bench seat to catch a nap. Utilize the built-in power converter to run electricity to the roll-out tent covering the van-side working space.

Check out this Video as Paul Zagman walks through the features of the Ford Transit Van customized as a transport and support vehicle for the MotoCross gang.

Ford Transit Conversion Kit

Lasco Ford can help you design your own personal Ford Transit conversion kit and have it installed. You can take delivery of a fully customized van to meet your individual needs.

With the option of choosing the full-size Transit or the smaller Transit Connect, there is a van for every budget.

Transit Van Conversion Layouts

Lasco Ford Sales Consultants can help you design the Transit Van Conversion Layouts that will work for your business. Tradesmen can benefit from the built-in storage racks and bins.

If you transport valuable cargo and need additional security; partitions and lockable bins provide safe storage locations.

Setting up a desk for a portable workspace or custom flooring options for open carriage.

If you want to know more about the possibilities the Ford Transit Van offers and how one could be adapted to your business needs stop by Lasco Ford. On Owen Road in Fenton just East of Highway 23, next to Fenton High School.