Sneak Peek: Goki Goki Korean BBQ Opening in Fenton


The long-awaited opening of Goki Goki Korean BBQ in Fenton is just around the corner. According to owner John Kim, all of the necessary permits have been secured and April is the target date for beginning to serve customers.

Located at 1243 N. LeRoy St. in Fenton, the building has undergone a complete renovation. As you enter the large sliding door at the front, you walk into the sparkling clean meat market and deli. To the left is the maître d’ counter. Restaurant seating comprises the south side of the building. To the rear of the meat market is a full-size hibachi grill that serves freshly cooked take-out meals.

During our visit, John brought in a chef to provide some samples of the cuisine. Spicy rice, seasoned shrimp, marinated beef, and chicken cooked in a light grilling sauce, wow! The flavor? Spectacular! The rice was moist and tangy, but not overpowering with the spice. The meats, tender and flavorful. The marinades used gave a slightly sweet taste that complimented the spicy rice nicely. I will definitely be in line when the doors open.


John said the deli will feature traditional Boar’s Head meat and cheese selections. The meat market offers seafood, pork, chicken and aged beef.

Aged Beef

Aged Beef, that caught my attention. John told us, “The aging process is a time-honored Korean secret. Dry aging is a slow, traditional process for aging fine meats. The procedure uses dry air from Himalayan salt bricks. It causes the natural enzymes in the meat to break down the muscle fiber. This enhances the meat’s tenderness and produces the perfect steak.”

My mouth began to water at the description of the meat. The variety of favorite cuts available are sure to tempt customers to give the aged steaks a try.

Restaurant Tables With a Special Design

Touring the restaurant side of the building the first thing you notice is the unique tables. Every table and booth is fitted with a recessed grill built in. Diners can grill their meat selections at the table. This ensures that every bite is hot and cooked to your preference.

John has invited us back to do a Lasco Press Food Review when the restaurant opens. Can’t wait. Look to the Lasco Press for updates. We will give you a heads up when the doors open for sit down guests.