Bridge Street Exchange Opens in Fenton

Bridge Street Exchange in Downtown Fenton
The New Bridge Street Exchange in Downtown Fenton

Driving along Leroy Street in Fenton you’re sure to notice the black and orange sign marking the storefront of the new Bridge Street Exchange. Located at 104 S. Leroy Street, the store is tucked in between Marjie’s Gluten Free Pantry and Brad Hoffman Insurance on the west side of the street.

What exactly is the Bridge Street Exchange? The entrance is reminiscent of 1950’s era mercantile establishment. The windows display a bicycle, milk jug, and wooden cases for glass soda bottles on one side. A barber’s chair dominates the riser on the right side of the doorway.

However, when you enter Bridge Street Exchange you can easily become awed with the store’s unique manner of displaying merchandise. Everything is out of place, but it fits perfectly. Straight inside the door is an old metal office desk. It’s covered with hats, shirts, wallets, and koozies. An open desk drawer displays a backpack. Another piece of luggage sits tucked under the middle drawer of the desk.

An old workbench sits to the left displaying Shinola Watches, jewelry, and sunglasses. With boxes of shoes stacked underneath. An antique cigarette vending machine is attached to the wall behind the bench.

Bridge Street Exchange Fenton

An old basketball scoreboard with only a few lights working rests on the wall to the right. All of that hits you two steps inside the store.

Bridge Street Exchange is a men’s store. But, I think women would enjoy a walkthrough just to browse the eclectic collection of items for sale. Men, you may need a shopping cart. If you are looking for that one-of-a-kind gift for a one-of-a-kind guy, chances are they are going to have something that fits that description.

There is an entire section of the store devoted to grooming products. Right in the middle of the shaving products display is a mirrored sink. Of course there is, following the design theme you’d expect nothing less. Pipes jut from the walls in just the right places to hang shirts and hold display shelves.

Michiganders know the name, Stormy Kromer. These easily recognizable hats have adorned the heads of outdoorsmen for generations. You can find all the iconic designs from the original black and red plaid. To, my favorite, the waxed tan with the blaze orange fold down ear flaps. There is even a collection of Stormy Kromer hats for the ladies. Put one on your head. It’s magic. The image of riding in a horse-drawn sleigh through the snowy Michigan woods immediately comes to mind.

Bridge Street Exchange owner Kevin Begola told us the Stormy Kromer hats are one of the stores most popular products. The grooming products are also a big seller. Thorogood Boots, made in the U.S.A., are a stock item that men appreciate being able to purchase locally. According to Kevin, “Having a good selection of boots in stock allows buyers to stop in and try a pair on, making sure to get the perfect fit.” Something that is difficult to do when purchasing online.

Kevin knows about online sales. His business started online with Titanium Buzz. An industry leader in superior quality titanium, zirconium, Damascus steel, and carbon fiber jewelry. has an outstanding selection of unique titanium rings and bracelets for even the most discerning tastes. Men will appreciate the sturdy, yet subtle design of the rings, whereas women will love the sleek, classy style and unrivaled resistance to dings and scratches.

Wanting to expand his product line Kevin opened Bridge Street Exchange in Linden and grew the store’s collection of unique high-quality merchandise to what can be seen today. After the building the store was located in sold, Kevin decided to move to downtown Fenton. What a great addition to our town.

Browse through the photo gallery and view more displays from inside the store. Then drive to downtown Fenton and shop the one-of-a-kind home of extraordinary men’s products. While you’re there have a glass of Root Beer from the tap mounted on the checkout counter. Then ask Kevin what gave him the idea to serve locally brewed Root Beer to his customers.

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