Grand Blanc Mitsubishi to Award Scholarship to Area High School Senior

Education Costs

The cost of higher education is something many families struggle to cover. Student loans are an expense that can follow college graduates for years as they work to pay off advances for the cost of their schooling. Every bit of assistance students earn to offset tuition, books, and other school costs help defer some of that expense. Many scholarships offered are reserved for specific groups based on specific criteria or student interests.

Grand Blanc Mitsubishi is offering to invest in the future of a student from the tri-county area that completes a few simple tasks to become eligible. It’s a chance for one of this year’s high school seniors to add up to $5,000 to their college fund. Best of all, anyone can enter.

As one of the newest automobile franchises to open in our area. Grand Blanc Mitsubishi is eager to expose as many people as possible to the exciting vehicles Mitsubishi offers. With some of the most economical models on the market, a Mitsubishi can often fit easily into student budgets. As well as the budgets of parents helping to fund their children’s education.

No Purchase Necessary, Anyone is Eligible to Enter

No purchase is necessary to qualify for the scholarship drawing. Just some exposure to the brand. Visit the Grand Blanc Mitsubishi Facebook page and click the “Like” button. Next students and/or parents stop in at Grand Blanc Mitsubishi and take a test drive of any current Mitsubishi model. Every test drive completed adds $20 to the scholarship fund courtesy of Grand Blanc Mitsubishi. The fundraising drive ends at 5:00 pm on June 16th, 2018.

The Scholarship winner will be announced during a live Facebook broadcast on Monday, June 18, 2018. Grand Blanc Mitsubishi is located on the corner of I-475 and Hill Road in Grand Blanc. It is not necessary to be viewing to win, but it will be a whole lot more fun.