How I Celebrated Memorial Day: by Caleb Robinson

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Hi, my name is Caleb Robinson and I live in Owosso with my Mom and Step-Dad. My Mom told me that Memorial Day is when we honor those people who died fighting for our country in wars. She said we celebrate the Freedom that they were fighting for by doing special things on the Memorial Day weekend. I like to do fun things.

After school on Friday my Papa and Grandma picked me up and we went camping. I have only been camping once and it rained the whole time. Grandma said we might get a little rain but it was going to be a good weekend.

We got to the campground and Papa had already set up the tent. So, we just had to blow up our beds and finish setting up our camp. It was not hard. We finished just in time to cook dinner. Hamburgers, potato chips, pickles, and yummy fruit salad. After dinner, we got ice cream cones from the camp store. Chocolate, my favorite!

That night we played Bingo in the big room at the back of the camp. Grandma won the first game. Papa and I were always missing 1 or 2 numbers. At the end Grandma let me go get her winnings. Five whole dollars, Grandma said I could keep it for being such a good helper in camp.

Saturday morning it rained, oh no. Papa took me to McDonald’s for breakfast pancakes. By the time we got back to camp, it stopped raining, good.

Grandma and I went to kid’s crafts. I got to choose a dinosaur, I picked a Raptor. The dinosaur had a hole in its back. We filled the hole with dirt and put a plant in the dirt. It was cool, I took it home to Mom.


We had a ham sandwich for lunch. Then went into town to get some stuff for camp. And more ice cream, this time I got a cup of Birthday Cake ice cream.

Saturday night we built a fire and cooked steaks. I love steak. Grandma fixed fried potatoes. We also had corn-on-the-cob, Papa cooked over the fire. It was the best dinner. More fruit salad for dessert. It had lots of orange watermelon and grapes, grandma knows my favorites.

Caleb Landed a Monster

Sunday morning Papa and I went to get donuts. We had to wait in a long line. They were good donuts. But, I don’t like waiting in line. After breakfast, Papa took me fishing. We caught 1 fish. It was small, but we still had fun.

It was a hot day so mostly we stayed in the shade. I played games on the phone. That night we all went into town and had pizza. Papa and Grandma know how much I like Pizza.

On Memorial Day we got up and had breakfast. Then we packed up camp. It was hard work. Driving home we passed a cemetery where people were putting up American flags. Papa said they put the flags by the graves of veterans who fought for our country’s freedom. It made me sad. But, I’m glad they gave us Freedom, I like celebrating holidays like Memorial Day.

By Caleb Robinson

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