Uneekor QED Golf Simulator


Introducing the Uneekor Golf Simulator System. The industries leading technology for indoor golf using the Uneekor QED and Uneekor EYE XO camera based golf simulators. My name is Jay and I am the operator of the popular YouTube Channel, Golf Simulator Videos. I am a Uneekor owner and reselling partner that is here to help you with information, pricing, and more for Uneekor. Contact Me HERE at anytime to get more information.

Uneekor QED Golf Simualtor
Uneekor QED Golf Simualtor

The Uneekor QED Golf Simulator

Array of Features Include but not Limited to:

  • Shot Skills & Training
  • Drive Range
  • Shortgame Complex
  • Accurate Fitting
  • Precise Photometric Data
  • Course Management
  • Stroke Play Mode
  • Course Practice Mode
  • Built-In Swing Analysis Software