Vibe Well Opens in Fenton: New Business Review


Sometimes you walk into a new business and get a certain vibe (no pun intended) the minute you enter. With that feeling, you can almost predict if the establishment will be a success. Such is the case with Vibe Well, the new “Organic Juice, Smoothie Bar & Wellness Space” in Fenton.

The official “soft opening” is tomorrow Wednesday, June 13th. However, The Lasco Press snuck in early to give our readers a chance to check out the next big hot-spot in town. Located just off U.S. 23 at Silver Lake Road in the same shopping center as Eclections. Vibe Well is convenient to pop in and out for a quick juice or smoothie refresher.

Lasco Press Photo

When you enter Vibe Well the bright, sparkling clean atmosphere is inviting and comfortable. Chairs and tables provide a place to sit and chat. The juice bar actually has a bar. Menus are clear, uncluttered and easy to read.

Lasco Press Photo
Lasco Press Photo

But the real feel-well vibe (pun intended) comes from owners Christine Landaal and Jennifer Ream. Sisters, Christine and Jennifer, are on a mission to “provide a conscious, welcoming, and convenient space that inspires health, self-love, and guidance on ideas and practices that support transformative lifestyles. We hold the highest intent to serve the community’s well-being in all forms.”

Spend 5 minutes talking to Christine and you know where that positive, welcome, sure to succeed atmosphere emanates from. While the Cold-Pressed Juice and Smoothie Bar are the feature attraction. The sisters could not accomplish their mission without the Wellness Space.

“Our unique concept of bringing together a juice bar and meditation space integrates both the body and the mind, as we believe without attention to both it becomes more challenging to be fully aligned with our health and well-being.”

Both Christine and Jennifer are experienced life coaches. They have worked with private clients in the area for years. Read their Bios on the About Page of their website. They have incorporated the meditation teaching skills of Patrice Berlinski to be their Wellness Operations Manager.


Trice is a Certified Meditation Instructor through the University of Holistic Theology. She is the owner of Presence to Pupils, LLC, a mindfulness-based consulting service, where her clients have included the University of Michigan, General Motors, Southern Lakes Parks and Recreation, elite athletes, yoga studios, and individuals. Trice has had a daily mindfulness practice for 7 years and has completed training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and has co-facilitated MBSR for families in Flint.

If you have never tried meditation the Vibe Well staff can introduce you to the life-changing benefits of relaxation and stress relief. If you are into the Meditation Vibe the Wellness Center has a program tailored to your desired level of participation. Trice also specializes in working with children, read the FAQ Page on their site for more information.

Lasco Press Photo
Lasco Press Photo
Lasco Press Photo

The Juice Master


So, what about the product? We saved the best for last. Michael Judson, Juice Bar Operations Manager, or as I was fond of calling him “the Juice Master.”  Michael and his staff make the delicious juice and smoothie combinations available at Vibe Well.

As we were chatting the front door with the “Sorry We’re Closed” sign opened. A lady walked in and asked if she could get a smoothie. Another sign of success, customers beating down the door even before you open. Happy to oblige, Michael made their first smoothie sale as the lady ordered an Awakened. The drink is made with Strawberry, Raspberry, Pitaya, Banana, and Pineapple. She paid with American Express, not even a dollar bill to put on the wall commemorating the sale.

How Does It Taste?

As customer #1 walked out the door I was happy to see some leftover drink in the mixer. If I was going to pick a flavor to try it would have been the concoction she selected. Offered a sample, you bet I said yes. Wow, a taste explosion in the mouth is the only way to describe it. We also sampled some all-natural nut-free granola. Honey sweet and crunchy.

Sold on the concept, I was ready to order up another Awakened. Then take my granola and go meditate some in the wellness center. Alas, its back to work. Fenton has so many things going on it’s hard to keep up. Maybe I need to talk to Trice about de-stressing.

Visit them today at: 495 N Fenway Dr, Fenton, MI 48430

Phone: (810) 208-0201