Pizza Delivery Turns Classical, Video Goes Viral

The Varchetti family from Sterling Heights, Mi ordered a Pizza. With the pizza came a remarkable moment. Fortunately, they recorded the scene and shared it with the world.


When the Varchetti’s ordered pizza from Hungry Howies they were not expecting entertainment to come with the pie. When Bryce Dudal showed up to deliver it was just another stop on a busy night. Then Bryce saw the Varchetti’s baby grand piano. He made an unusual request, “can I play something for you?” They invited him in.

If you have not seen the viral video posted on social media, watch it here. If you have seen it, watch it again the fun never gets old.

Pizza Delivery Boy Plays Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven, circa 1820, Portrait by Joseph Karl Stieler

No playing chopsticks for Bryce. Specifically, he pounded out Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata Third Movement. From memory.

Bryce is a talented young man, Macomb Community College has offered him a baseball scholarship. Maybe when they see the video they will up the ante to include a music scholarship as well.

Bryce earned a nice tip for his performance. Extra cash is something any college freshman can use. But, I’m betting the smiling faces on the Varchetti family made Bryce’s night. The attention earned online, a bonus.

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