Teen CrossFit and How it Can Help Your 13 to 18 Year Old


According to the Centers for Disease Control, teen obesity has tripled since the 1970’s. Currently, 1 in 5 adolescents is considered obese. Overweight youngsters are more likely to be bullied by peers. They often suffer from self-esteem issues and childhood obesity can lead to more serious health issues later in life. Diabetes and heart disease are often associated with excess weight issues.

Do you remember your teenage years? For me, that was the 1960’s, it was a much simpler time. Arriving home from school we’d change clothes and it was out the door to join a game of baseball, basketball, or football. Parents thought nothing of letting their children play outside unsupervised. As I said it was a much different time.

Now if you drive through any family neighborhood during after-school hours you will seldom see a pick-up game played on an empty lot. You are more likely to be stopped by police and asked why you are stalking the area.

Organized sports offer supervised opportunities for young people to participate in healthy physical activities. But, not every child is an athlete. Too many youths substitute the visual stimulation of a video game for the real-life experience of enjoyable exercise and motion. Regardless of how they gain that physical stimulation. Our bodies are made to move, not sit and vegetate.

Parents, if you have not heard about Teen CrossFit take a moment and continue reading. Crossfit is more than just a gym experience. Check out our article on CrossFit: What is it and How it Can Change Your Life. Teen CrossFit attracts young athletes who what to improve their strength, endurance, and movement agility. Studies have shown that athletes who participate in CrossFit training are less likely to suffer from sports-related injuries. But that’s not all.

Teen CrossFit appeals to young people who want to improve their body image and self-esteem in a group friendly environment. Sometimes Teen CrossFit starts with a parent saying you are going to do this. And, the experience evolves into can we sign up again.

Whatever the motivation to start, the benefits achieved are a long list most parents desire for their kids. An elevated attention level that can lead to better grades. A sense of belonging to a group developing positive attributes. Self-discipline, self-motivation, self-esteem, and a better self-image.

Stop by Crossfit Tuebor West at 14261 Torrey Rd., Suite B in Fenton. Every day Monday thru Thursday from 3:45 to 4:30 pm you can view a Teen CrossFit workout. Talk to the instructors, speak with the kids and see what CrossFit is all about.

CrossFit Tuebor West offers a free 1-week tryout. Nothing to lose, get your kid involved and see if they don’t respond with a positive assessment of the activity.

What Some Kids Look to Get Out of Crossfit

An annual competition, The Crossfit Games, are held each summer to determine the fittest athletes on earth. It is a grueling test of will, strength, and stamina that begins with The Open competition at individual gyms all over the world. Individuals compete against themselves to see personal progress. But, also compete against fellow athletes to advance to regionals and then to the finals.

Earlier this year we were invited to CrossFit Tuebor West to observe the local athletes competing. The event was extremely entertaining to watch. It was exciting to celebrate with individuals their personal accomplishments. We talked to a number of competitors that shared their feelings about Crossfit in general.

One of these was a young man with a big time goal.

Matthew Manley

Matthew and Mike Manley

A very young but eager Matthew got into CrossFit as something to do with his dad, Mike Manley. He started at the age of 10. Matthew admits to being a bit overweight and out of shape at the time. Working out would help that and the father/son time was a big motivator as well. At 13 years of age,  Matthew is 6 ft. tall and 182 lbs. No body fat, he appears to be a solid mass of muscle.

Too young to compete in the CrossFit Games, the youngest age group for boys is 14-15. Matthew participated and his scores recorded in every Open weekly workout. Had he been eligible to compete his scores would have qualified him to advance to the Regional level of the competition. Matthew can front squat 250 lbs., he can clean and jerk 215 lbs.

Why, What’s the Motivation

Matthew Manley / Lasco Press Photo

We asked Matthew why he works so hard at this and where his motivation comes from. “It’s fun. You have to be self-motivated to come to the gym, but from there the coaches and the group camaraderie push you to strive to become better.” Matthew’s goal? Qualify to go to the CrossFit Games Finals. He works one-on-one with his coaches towards that level of fitness.

He’s already a tremendous athlete, able to do much more than most of the individuals at the gym. The great thing about CrossFit? There is not a person at CrossFit Tubor West that would be jealous of Matthew’s accomplishments. Everyone in the community seeks to uplift and encourage others to succeed. Do you know a teenager that could benefit from that type of environment? Maybe, you yourself could.

The link to sign up for that “Free Week” is.


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