Meet Dr. Mitch Babcock

Dr. Mitch Babcock

A certain group of the population might refer to Dr. Mitch Babcock as Dr. McDreamy. Dr. Mitch is handsome, an incredible athlete with a toned body, and someone very easy to talk to. Smart too, he holds a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, conferred on him by the University of Michigan (Flint) in 2016.

Mitch Babcock could have taken that degree and gone to work for any of the large corporate physical therapy groups. Instead, he chose to open his own practice. Why? That’s the thing that makes Dr. Mitch really special. He wanted to help people, face-to-face, one-on-one. Assisting their efforts towards making a significant impact in improving their lives.

Dr. Babcock describes his practice as a One-Stop Health and Wellness facility. He works with patients that are experiencing pain with everyday life activities. Patients are often recovering from an injury, pain, weakness, immobility or physical limitations due to any number of reasons. Any musculoskeletal issue, head-to-toe is Dr. Babcock’s specialty.

With individual care structured for specific health concerns, the patient can progress at their best pace. Mitch’s goal is to help each patient live an active and optimized life. If you go to Mitch for help, here is what to expect.

The Subjective Exam

Take the time to discuss with Dr. Mitch the issues you are having, how they came about, what triggered them. A complete understanding of the symptoms and causes is vital in evaluating treatment options.

The Objective Exam

This is where the Doctor examines the patient to assess movement, the range of motion, physical traits, muscle mass, and strength. This provides a baseline from which to work towards improvements the patient hopes to obtain.

A Tailored Treatment Plan for the Individual

Instead of getting a pre-formatted set of calisthenics designed for a shoulder injury, or joint issue. You get a personalized treatment plan, tailored to your specific situation. Dr. Mitch’s goal is to focus the plan of care on what is most effective for the patient. Taking into consideration the most effective form of ongoing treatment.

Mitch explains, “You would not treat a teenager with a knee injury the same way you treat a senior recovering from knee replacement surgery. Some of the exercises might be the same. But, the manner in which prescribe the therapy is likely to be much different.

Again, the focus is on what’s best for each individual patient.

Additional Aspects of Personalized Health Care

In addition to the physical therapy aspect of Doctor Mitch’s practice. He treats people with wellness issues that fall into various aspects of personalized health care. Mitch works with individuals on nutritional basics, developing positive nutritional habits. Along with diet and weight loss programs.

Would you like to get off some of the meds you’re taking and get your lab results in proper alignment? Wellness therapy can help you accomplish such goals. Learn how your body produces hormones and what you can do to stimulate their release. Depression may not need strong drugs to control mood swings under a properly monitored fitness regime.

You want to become a better golfer, softball player, or tennis player. Fitness evaluations are another of Dr. Mitch’s specialties. He can show you CrossFit training techniques that not only improve your fitness but improve your motor skills for specific sports.

Talk to Dr. Mitch

In our discussion I spoke to the Doctor for about 30 minutes, I could have spent 3 hours. His expertise in all things to do with health and fitness educated me on a number of subjects. His Dr./Patient interface is easy and comfortable.

Contact Dr. Mitch Babcock by email at, his phone number is 810-354-5380. His practice, FitnessTx, is located within CrossFit Tuebor West in Fenton, MI. The address, 14261 Torrey Rd. Suite B, Fenton, MI 48430

Mitch is also a certified CrossFit trainer. Having a complete training facility available to engage patients is another aspect of his practice that focuses on you the individual.

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