Pontoon Boat Bonanza


Every once in a while an item comes across the news desk that really sounds fun. Such was the case when we received an invite to preview some boats at Lake Wawasee in Syracuse, Indiana. The event was held at The Oakwood Inn, a premier resort located on the shores of the lake. The Oakwood has a dock on the lake adjacent to their Pier and Back Porch Restaurant.

Photo Courtesy of Wawasee Area Conservancy Foundation

Boat manufacturers from the region brought models to preview and demonstrate. Pontoon boats were the feature when we visited. Given their popularity, it was great to look at the different models and their features. Cruising your favorite lake can be a luxurious escape, an adventurous afternoon or a day spent chasing the fish. Models even offered benches that convert to a full-size bed if you want to camp out on the water.

Avalon Pontoons

All Avalon Pontoon Boats are manufactured in Alma, Michigan. Avalon is a vertically integrated builder, meaning they make everything—pontoons, framing, furniture, and more in their own facility. They feel this provides a much higher degree of control over the production and quality of their products than those competitors who outsource most components.

Avalon had several models on display including the Toledo brand that they also manufacture. Avalon’s premier brand is the Excalibur. The company offers a wide variety of models and configurations. Visit their website for additional Information.

Avalon and Toledo Photo Gallery

Barletta Pontoon Boats

From their factory in Bristol, Indiana Barletta Pontoon Boats builds Luxury Class pontoon boats. According to their website: “What makes a Barletta Pontoon Boat a Barletta Pontoon Boat? The most standards, the highest quality, and the most well-thought-out floorplans and amenities of any pontoon boat in the industry.”

The bench seats that recline to a bed is an interesting feature available on select models.

Barletta Photo Gallery

Bennington Boats

Bennington Pontoon boats are manufactured in Elkhart, Indiana. The company was recently purchased by Polaris Industries LLC, but will be operated as an independent entity in its existing location.

The design concepts of Bennington Pontoons is eye-catching. The fixed wing models have a spoiler like look to which the deck cover attaches. Inclined sides to the deck furniture add to the modernistic look.

Cypress Cay Pontoon Boats

Visit the Cypress Cay website for a complete listing of models. Their About Us pages states: “The biggest advantage your Cypress Cay pontoon boat delivers is peace of mind. Days on the water should be worry-free and focused on fun. Cypress Cay pontoons stand apart from the crowd for our safe construction, ease of use and superb reputation. Our distinctive qualities – smooth ride, incredible comfort and sense of security – make our pontoons the obvious choice for water-loving families.”

Cypress Cay Pontoons are manufactured in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Cypress Cay Photo Gallery

Qwest Pontoons

Another Michigan manufacturer of pontoon boats is Qwest Pontoons. Located in St. Louis, Michigan, west of Saginaw near Alma. Qwest Pontoons are all about allowing their boats to shed water. If you own a pontoon boat, it’s going to get wet. Designed for maximum airflow around and under furniture. If your boat dries faster the opportunity for mold and corrosion to develop is minimized.

Qwest Photo Gallery

Buy a Pontoon

Thinking about buying a pontoon boat. Now is the time. Summer is coming to an end, prices are at bargain levels. Visit any of the site links and find a local dealer. Give us a call next year when you launch your boat. We’d love to go for a ride.