Ford Holds Launch Party for the 2019 Ford Ranger


Next Monday, the first 2019 Ford Ranger will roll off the production line. Soon thereafter the Ranger will be hitting Ford Showrooms nationwide. To call the introduction of the 2019 Ford Ranger much anticipated, might be an understatement. Not often does a new vehicle generate the type of buzz we’ve seen with Ford’s new mid-sized truck.

Lasco Press Photo

Of course, the Ranger is new for 2019. But, the brand is a Ford icon dating back to the early 1980’s. Consumer trends shift over the years and several generations of Ford Ranger’s have graced the driveways of truck buyers. The new edition, built right here in the U.S.A., at the Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne.

Ready For Ranger

That’s where Ford Motor Company chose to throw a huge launch party for invited guests. Lasco Ford of Fenton arranged for The Lasco Press to receive an invitation. We experienced some great demonstrations of the capabilities of the new truck.

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Right in the parking lot of the Michigan Assembly Plant on Michigan Avenue in Wayne, Mi Ford constructed a test track. Designed to put the Ranger through its paces we rode along to see just how the new mid-sized truck responded.

Lasco Press Photo

Starting out over a series of bumps the Ranger handled them effortlessly. Much like the F-150, the Ford model I drive. Next, we scaled a steep incline. Pausing at the top for a photo moment, then down an equally steep slope to level ground. A banked curve lay ahead. But, instead of taking the inside of the banking like a racecar. Our driver took us around the outside of the banking.

Wow, Prepare to Be Impressed

Having ridden in a number of stock cars on banked oval race tracks, you feel pushed into the seat when the car enters the banking at speed. On the outside of the curve, the feeling is much different. Our driver took us to the top of what I estimated to be a 15-20 degree bank.

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We crawled around the half-circle corner at a slow speed. I felt the opposite of the racecar experience, thinking I might fall out of the seat. However, with my lap belt secured across my hips, I remained securely in my seat. Unbelievably the truck never slipped. The Ranger held the curve like it was made for it. Frame, suspension, and body seemed glued together in holding the truck in place. The most impressive feature of the test ride.

Lasco Press Photo
Lasco Press Photo

We finished with the Ranger making its way through a series of mounds designed to place the maximum torque on frame and suspension. Again, in the cab, the ride was remarkable. Ford has got a real winner on their hands with the new Ranger. You may have to get a number and wait in line to road test one. I can’t wait to slide behind the wheel.

Lasco Press Photo

The Launch Party revealed some facts about the new Ranger. Ford has spent over $850 million converting the plant that used to produce the Focus and Fiesta into a truck plant. Both Ford representatives and United Auto Workers(UAW) Union executives were on-hand to take credit for the 3,000 jobs that the factory is providing to the local community.

The New Ranger Has a Number of Best-In-Class Features to Tout.

  • Ranger can haul 1,860 pounds of payload, nearly a ton of gear to enable your next adventure.
  • The 2019 Ford Ranger comes standard with a 2.3-liter EcoBoost® Engine producing 270 horsepower.
  • The standard 4-cylinder engine produces 310 lb.-ft. of torque – the most engine-turning power of any gas engine in the midsize pickup segment, including competitors V6 engines.
  • The Ranger can conventionally tow more than any gas engine truck in its class – 7,500 pounds when equipped with the tow package and a trailer brake controller.

Thanks again to Lasco Ford for arranging our invitation to the Ranger Roll-Out Party. Ford treated us to lunch and the party continued as many of the Wayne plant workers came out to take the truck they are building through the off-road course.