Halloween Brings Ghosts and Goblins to Fenton


Halloween 2018 dawned in Fenton as a dark and dreary day. Rain for most of the morning added to the mood. However, by noon the drops falling from the sky had stopped and the temperatures weren’t too cold. Halloween creatures began to appear.

Lasco Press Photo

By 1:00 pm the Fenton Regional Chamber of Commerce’ “An Event So Good It’s Scary” was on. The annual trick or treat at Fenton area businesses is a popular date on the local calendar. We were invited to hang out at Lasco Ford on Owen Road in Fenton where it was warm and dry. Three candy stations provided kids the opportunity to load up on goodies. It gave us a spot to snap some pictures of the visitors and staff. Real Scary!!!

We saw a lot of cool costumes and the kids filled their treat sacks. Kudos to the Chamber and local businesses for staging and sponsoring this event. Parents appreciate the chance to take their children to safe locations to celebrate the holiday. We’ll call this year a big success.