The Meeting Place, Fits Fenton Well


The old Bob Evans restaurant in front of WalMart on Owen Road in Fenton served familiar family food. Nothing exciting, just a regular diet of staples you might find on Grandma’s kitchen table. Nobody protested when it was announced Bob was moving out to make room for a new locally owned dining establishment on the same location. Thus, The Meeting Place now invites you to Gather, Eat, Drink, Meet, and Repeat.

How would you describe The Meeting Place? An upscale family dining experience might begin to characterize the new restaurant. With breakfast and lunch available, of course. Then there is the ice cream bar featuring 50 different add-on toppings. Plus the adult bar with full cocktail service, wine, and beer. It is a great place to meet, drink, and eat.

Stepping Inside

The first thing you notice walking in the door is the large red Indian Motorcycle sitting on the left side of the lobby. Owner/Manager Marlena Dedivanaj says, “My children always loved bikes and motorcycles. While no one in our family is an avid rider, we placed the bike there to remind us of their joy at seeing one.” Most such bike displays have velvet ropes surrounding them. We were curious if this one was a look but don’t touch model. “Oh no,” responded Marlena, “we love to see the kids climb on, grab the handlebars, and get their picture taken. It’s even more fun watching the adults.”

Lasco Press Photo

The interior of the restaurant offers a beautifully appointed dining room with shapely lighting fixtures and open table seating. The light from the front windows brightens the space nicely. It would not be hard to imagine gazing out the windows on to an undulating golf course. Or sitting by a slow-moving river sipping on a cocktail.

The Meeting Place / Lasco Press Photo
Well Stocked Bar / Lasco Press Photo

The Breakfast Nook

A wall across the east end of the dining area holds a bright and airy space. My impression was that of a breakfast nook. A great place to sit down, have a coffee, enjoy a plate of biscuits and gravy, while reading the most recent edition of The Lasco Press.

The Meeting Place / Lasco Press Photo

We mentioned the ice cream bar. You can’t have a family restaurant without serving the kids ice cream. Or top off a nice selection of tasty desserts with a scoop of your favorite flavor.

Ice Cream Treats / The Lasco Press
Ice Cream Toppings / Lasco Press Photo

Another distinctive feature of the restaurant is the semi-enclosed dining space with a large single table. Marlena told us her and her husband have 7 children. When they would walk into a restaurant the large single party would draw stares from the other guests. “We used to wish we had our own private booth to sit in. So, we made one when we built our restaurant.” Great idea Marlena, most families have experienced a difficult night out with youngsters. Most with far less than 7 to account for.

Semi-Private Booth / Lasco Press Photo
Comfortable Couch While Waiting for Your Party to Arrive / Lasco Press Photo

Take your family to The Meeting Place at 3600 Owen Rd in Fenton. Plan your next business lunch there or just stop in and enjoy a leisurely breakfast. For an evening rendezvous meet at the bar, have dinner, and top it off with ice cream covered in a decadent topping. The Meeting Place can accommodate any gathering, repeatedly.




The Meeting Place Employment Opportunities

Marlena asked us to mention The Meeting Place is currently hiring additional staff. If you or a family member is looking to work in a very nice environment, this could be an opportunity to upgrade employment. While working for and with a great staff. One job requirement, a pleasant smile. Everyone we dealt with passed that test.