Fenton CrossFit Gym Name Change Emphasizes Community Connections

CrossFit Tuebor West becomes CrossFit Fenton. Recognizing the gym's position as the longest running CrossFit Gym in the Fenton community.


CrossFit Tuebor West has changed its name to CrossFit Fenton. Located at 14261 Torrey Road, Suite B, Fenton, MI 48430. The gym is the longest continuously running CrossFit training facility in the area. Business name changes usually are accompanied by a story. Rebranding, as the practice is referred to, often signals a change in business direction or emphasis towards a new public identity. If you want to know the reason? Go right to the source. So we did.

We sat down with Jamie Lasco, Crossfit Fenton’s energetic owner to get the scoop.

“So Jamie, what’s the motivation behind your business rebrand as CrossFit Fenton?”

Jamie Lasco Crossfit Fenton
Crossfit Fenton Owner, Jamie Lasco

“To be honest, usually one of the first questions I would get asked is what does Tuebor mean? Many people recognize the word from the Great Seal of the State of Michigan. Tuebor means “I Will Defend” and pays tribute to our beautiful State.”

“While we love Michigan and it’s people. The community of Fenton has always been our home and it’s our friends and neighbors that have supported our family’s businesses in the area. We wanted to focus our continued business success on the community we dearly love and pay tribute to Fenton. Thus CrossFit Fenton seems appropriate to the message we want to spread.”

Business Name Change Considerations

Mitch Babcock, Manager CrossFit Fenton
Crossfit Fenton Manager, Mitch Babcock

Some business leaders point out that rebranding carries with it some inherent risks. But, not if it’s done for the right reason. Consider the case of another local business that went through a name change just a few years ago. Beaners Coffee was founded in Lansing, Michigan. They quickly became one of the fastest growing coffee house brands in the Midwest.

As they began to expand into other areas of the country it was brought to their attention that the name “Beaners” was used by some people as a racial slur. The company’s Board of Directors debated the huge cost to rebrand everything from store signage to coffee cups. CEO’s Bob Fish and Mike McFall did not hesitate. Why? Because it was the right thing to do. Now Biggby’s Coffee continues to expand its market share with a positive company reputation. Thanks to executives that put community before profits.

CrossFit Fenton as a Brand

Again, we asked Jamie Lasco about the importance of making CrossFit Fenton a recognizable brand in Southeastern Michigan.

crossfit fenton
Crossfit Fenton Logo

“Branding is important. Fenton is our community. CrossFit is also a community. Our gym is a place where everyone can come and receive positive feedback and support while working to improve their physical health. It’s a lifestyle we all are invested in, just like we are invested in our hometown community.”

“We want Fenton to know we are a big part of the greater Fenton area and contributing members of our civic community. When we participate in events, lend support to projects, contribute time, energy, and funds to local causes. We want members of our CrossFit Fenton community to be recognized for their efforts.”

CrossFit as a Community

If you have never been to a CrossFit gym, it’s quite the thing to observe. Crazy workout routines make you wonder why someone would sign up to test their body in such a way. All CrossFit exercises are designed to strengthen your body in ways that your body actually moves. The physical transition from regular participation is remarkable. The strong community bonds formed by members is even more impressive.

These people care about each other. Ages vary from youngsters to seniors. Individual workouts are tailored to individual capabilities. It’s thrilling to see a group of people gathered around cheering for you to complete one or two more repetitions, just to achieve a higher level than yesterday’s standard.

Give CrossFit Fenton a Try

If the sense of community achieved inside the walls of CrossFit Fenton were to spill out onto the streets of Fenton, Michigan. Our town would be a better place to live. Imagine building people up instead of tearing them down.

CrossFit Fenton Gym
CrossFit Fenton Main GYM Area

Call CrossFit Fenton at (810) 354-5025 and take advantage of their Free One Week trial. An extra dose of positive encouragement might get you to lose those few extra pounds. It might even improve your mood and outlook on life. Wouldn’t that be something? Right here in our community, Fenton.