Fenton Trainer and Dog to Attempt Guinness World Record

Photo Courtesy of Einstein Dog Training

Meet Slingshot. He and trainer Rachael Brinkman are celebrities in the dog world. Slingshot is a world class athlete in a sport you have probably only seen on shared Facebook videos. What they do is absolutely amazing. If you ever get a chance to see them compete live it’s even more astounding than watching on the small screen.

Dog Sports

Slingshot is a dock diving champion. Setting a new world record this past summer with a leap of 35 feet and 3 inches. Dock diving involves a dog running along a ramp and launching themselves over a pool of water. The dog is enticed with a favorite object thrown out over the pool by its handler. Slingshot is a 4-year old Whippet owned by Rachael Brinkman. Rachael and her husband Dan Brinkman own Einstein Dog Training in Fenton, MI.

Photo Courtesy of Einstein Dog Training

Rachael and Slingshot are traveling to Orlando, Florida in a couple of weeks to compete in an important jumping competition. The event is hosted by North America Diving Dogs(NADD) and held at the Orange County Convention Center. The competition is the 2018 NADD/AKC National Championships presented by Eukanuba.

Photo Courtesy of Einstein Dog Training

Official Recognition for Slingshot

While Slingshot is the favorite heading into the National Championships, he is equally excited about an opportunity for international recognition. While in Orlando, Guinness World Records are recording Slingshots jumps to certify an official attempt to break their record. The current distance record is 31 feet set in June of 2012. Given that Slingshot routinely exceeds that distance, immortality awaits.

A Lifetime of Dog Competitions

Talking with Rachael she reflects on her love affair with dogs. “I don’t remember a time that I have not been involved in dog sports. It’s something my parents did and I participated right along with them. My first competition at the age of 5 got me started.”

How do you train a dog to compete consistently at a high level? “It starts with diet and conditioning. Slingshot spends a lot of time outdoors running. He also occasionally works on the treadmill. Swimming is important for developing muscle tone. Then we work on techniques to develop muscle memory. You want your dog to launch off the dock at the highest possible elevation with the most speed. This is what a great jump consists of.”

Dogs As a Hobby vs Dog Income

Dogs that compete in the sport of Dock Diving do not show off their skills in a stadium filled with rabid fans. Although the entertainment value of watching them jump is better than some football games I have watched this year. There is no big contract money and few income opportunities for jumping dogs.

Rachael trains Slingshot as her hobby. But dogs are also a source of income for Rachael and her husband Dan. They have made their living the past 9 years as the owners of Einstein Dog Training. What makes Rachael and Dan stand out among the myriad of dog trainers offering their service locally? Einstein Dog Training specializes in behavior modification. Especially working with dogs that exhibit aggression towards other dogs, people or even their owners.

Frustration That Evolves Into Hopelessness

Dog lovers know the companionship of a faithful pooch can be a priceless experience. But what if your pup turns vicious when your significant other enters your space? Dogs that nip at children create a fearful scenario. Most people would rather not have a dog jump up on them as it approaches.

Changing bad behaviors is much more complex than getting a dog to sit, bark on call, roll over, or successfully house train them. This is where Einstein Dog Training excels. Here are some of the behavior modifications dog owners seek, but often cannot find.

Problems of this nature have broken up relationships, caused needless injuries and tragically have even led to the euthanization of a beloved pet. Testimonials of dog owners who had given up hope are the proof of Rachael and Dan’s special skills that they bring to their business. Rachael says, “We save lives, both dogs and owners.”

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We will keep you updated on Slingshot’s attempt at becoming Guinness royalty.