Wow, That’s Some Cow


If you somehow missed the latest meme from the Australian farmlands, check this out. Meet Knickers, a Holstein-Friesian that stands 6 feet, 4 inches tall and weighs 1.4 tons.

Photo Courtesy of AuBC/Channel 7 Today Tonight

Ok, Knickers is technically a steer, not a cow. He’s 4,000 quarter pounders walking around the pastures of Lake Preston in Western Australia. Knickers has no worries of being eaten. Besides his celebrity status, Knickers is too big to be processed at the slaughterhouse.

Destined to live out his days grazing on owner Geoff Pearson’s pasture lands, Knickers is also a farm hand. The other cattle seem to follow him around. So when it’s time to head to the barn Knickers leads the way.

Udderly amazing! Oh yeah, he’s a steer. Steer’s don’t have udders. Probably best to leave out the other physical attributes.