Lasco Ford Delivers $3,550 Check to Fenton High School Band


The Fenton High School Band was the recipient of a $3,550 donation from Ford Motor Company and Lasco Ford. The “Drive 4 UR School” program continues to pay dividends for local schools in our community.

Jay Lasco Presents Check to Fenton High School Band and Director Andy Perkins

Ford Test Drives Turn Into Cash

Since 2011 Lasco Ford has helped area schools earn more than $60,000 with the Drive for Your School initiative. Ford has contributed over $35 million to nonprofits in the United States and Canada. Drives fund organizations such as schools, food banks, hospitals, and animal shelters.

Ford Motor Company is passionate about the program. Returning a portion of Corporate income to the communities that support the manufacturer and their local dealers. Like Lasco Ford. Thousands of Drive 4UR School or Drive 4UR Community events are booked each year nationwide.

Partnering With Lasco Ford

The Ford Motor Company donation is funneled through local dealerships. Lasco Ford partnered with the Fenton High School Band to run the event. The dealership provides the different Ford vehicle models for test drives. The school provides help to organize activities. Band volunteers register drivers on the day the test drives are held. Friends, family, and guests are invited to participate. Each test drive earns the school a donation from Ford Motor Company.

Lasco Ford Vice President Jay Lasco says, “We enjoy working with local schools to see them benefit from these events. We celebrate our 35+ years in Fenton by watching our area continue to grow and progress. Developing relationships with local residents and businesses is at the core of our success. Strong schools are the basis for thriving families, neighborhoods, and ultimately our region as a whole. We see helping young people participate in school activities as a means of enhancing their learning experience and a vital part of their education. We are thrilled to play a part in the process.”