Lasco Holiday Party Celebrates Employees and Christmas Season


Most companies take advantage of the Christmas Season to say thank you to employees in the form of a holiday celebration. The Lasco Auto Group held their annual Christmas Party at the Fenton Winery & Brewery on N Long Lake Road.

Employees from Lasco Ford and Grand Blanc Mitsubishi gathered to enjoy the event. Food and beverages combined with door prizes provided a festive atmosphere for those in attendance.

Such events are also an excellent opportunity to recognize individuals who excel at their jobs. Nick Wyman from Grand Blanc Mitsubishi and Kayla Medel from Lasco Ford were honored for outstanding year-long accomplishments.

Jay Lasco, Nick Wyman, Matt Lasco
Jay Lasco, Kayla Medel, Matt Lasco

The Lasco Legacy Award

Employee appreciation does not always center on sales performance, productivity, and profitability related criteria. The Lasco Auto Group created the Lasco Legacy Award to focus on a different aspect of employee recognition. Throughout the year employees are encouraged to submit nominations of co-workers they observe going above and beyond their job roles. Things like outstanding customer service, community involvement, assisting a fellow employee are but a few of the things noted. The employee cited receives a Lasco Legacy Pin to display on clothing or at their workspace.

Prior to the year-end banquet, management reviews the year’s nominees. They select one individual who actions most represent the companies values and image. The honor is a coveted title signifying recognition by both co-workers and company directors.

Josh Kirkpatrick 

Josh is a young man who works in the accounting department at Lasco Ford. He is a very versatile employee covering a number of job assignments during an average day. Josh often helps cover the reception desk at the entrance to the sales showroom. Answering phones and greeting customers as they enter is the job description. Observing customers and occasionally tending to their needs is going the extra mile.

Josh greeted a lady who was struggling to walk the few short steps to meet her sales associate. During her visit Josh noticed the guest having additional difficulty walking to the rear of the showroom to use the restroom. Getting up from his workstation, Josh went and stood outside the bathrooms until the woman exited. Offering his arm he assisted her back to her seat. The woman confided that she was recovering from heart surgery. In fact, her doctor had restricted her to home rest. But she needed a car and was determined to take care of herself in the process.

Simple Things, Huge Impact

Too many people go through life oblivious to many things that occur around them. Work requires devotion to certain tasks to successfully complete a day’s assignments. Those who observe the actions of others and lend help when needed are valuable assets to a company and a community. There were dozens of nominations similar to Josh’s deed. Developing a culture that looks for opportunities to serve is the goal the Lasco’s sought in implementing their recognition program.

What Josh did was a simple thing. That is was recognized by a fellow employee is significant. The impression that it left on the customer was outstanding. The impact a group of like-minded people can have on a community is huge. Congratulations Josh, we hope your story inspires others.

Jay Lasco, Lasco Legacy Award Winner Josh Kirkpatrick, Matt Lasco

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