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The North American International Auto Show kicks off Monday, January 14, 2019, with the Press Preview. The buzz for this year’s event centers on the Ford Bronco. Industry insiders expect Ford Motor Company to showcase the return of the iconic brand to their model lineup for 2020.

The Original Bronco

Ford debuted the Bronco in 1966. The same year Ronald Reagan was elected Governor of California. Star Trek launched into the small space of our televisions sets. And The Sound of Music captured our hearts along with the Academy Award for Best Picture. That was a long time ago. But, it does not seem as long as the wait Bronco fans have endured hoping for the brand to reemerge.

The Bronco concept developed from the minds of Donald Frey and Lee Iacocca. Yes, the same automotive geniuses that conceived the Mustang. It was so popular the exterior design remained virtually unchanged for 11 years.

1966 Ford Bronco / Ford Motor Company

Later Bronco Generations

In 1978 the Bronco grew up. No longer build on its own model-specific chassis, the SUV went full-size. Using Ford’s F-Series pickup frame, the Bronco followed it’s competitors into the”bigger is better” design era.

1978 Ford Bronco / Ford Motor Company

Ford design engineers continued to update the Bronco lines to match current styling trends. Often matching body changes to sheet metal updates to the F-150 pickup.

1983 Ford Bronco / Ford Motor Company
1987 Ford Bronco / Ford Motor Company

Changing Consumer Tastes

Despite the popular “urban legend,” O.J. Simpson’s White Bronco police chase through the streets of L.A had nothing to do with the shelving of the Bronco brand. Demand for 4-door SUV’s that looked and drove more like a car than a truck ended Bronco’s run. Production ceased with the 1996 model year.

1996 Ford Bronco / Ford Motor Company

Still to this day “Bronco Love” exists among Blue Oval enthusiasts. Ford teased those fans with a concept Bronco at the North American International Auto Show in 2004.

2004 Bronco Concept Vehicle / Ford Motor Company

This year, it appears the wait is over.

Look to the Lasco Press for “live coverage” all week from the 2019 North American International Auto Show. We will bring you the news as it happens.

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