Andiamo Fenton First Look Inside


Fenton, MI – Andiamo of Fenton opened their doors today to a Charity Grand Opening. The Lasco Press was able to sneak in for a first look at the restaurant as they prepared to welcome their 1st guests. Managing Partner Dominic Vicari provided a tour and answered our questions. The official opening date is Wednesday, February 6, 2019, at 5:00 pm. The restaurant does accept reservations and does hold a certain percentage of tables open for walk-in guests.

Dominic Vicari Andiamo Fenton Michigan
Dominic Vicari – Lasco Press Photo

The facility is gorgeous, located on the first floor of the Horizon Building in downtown Fenton, it’s spotless new. The slightly tinted windows allow an appropriate amount of light to filter in. While still allowing guests a marvelous view of downtown.

The interior decorations are first class, consistent with Andiamo’s premier dining atmosphere and reputation. Dominic himself was on site daily to interact with workers and add his personal touches to the design.

Dominic speaks with Steve Sweitzer about the interior design. Lasco Press Photo

The Entrance

As you walk in the front door a finely appointed bar and lounge area greets your eye. A combination of bar stools, high top tables, and booths with room for four guests awaits. The lighting for the bar is hand blown glass created by artist Alex Corbee of Detroit. Another of Dominic’s impressive additions to the decor.

andiamo fento michigan
The main entrance – Lasco Press Photo

Guests at the bar can enjoy pizza slices from the pizza oven at the rear of the drink preparation area. Currently, Andiamo offers seven beers on tap with the ability to expand to 12. Locally brewed craft beers are served in bottles.

Bar / Lounge Area – Lasco Press Photo
Andiamo Fenton Pizza Oven
The Pizza Oven – Lasco Press Photo

Dining Rooms on Both Ends of the Building

To the right, a hallway lined with intimate dining spots leads to a large room on the east end of the building. Dubbed the “All-Seasons Room” windows can be opened on mild evenings to enjoy the feeling of eating outdoors. Patio service will also be offered in an area of the walkway to the left facing the entrance. The patio will curve around the west end of the building to increase seating capacity to 260 guests.

andiamo dinning room fenton mi
East Dining Room – Lasco Press Photo
The Andiamo A in the east dinning room – Lasco Press Photo

Inside the west end of the building is a dining room that can be sectioned off from the remainder of the restaurant. Private parties, corporate events, and the like can be scheduled in the space. The room is cordoned off from the lounge area by an impressive wine display, cooled to the perfect serving temperature. On the back wall, a large mirror adds depth to the room. However, it disguises a fully functional television for presentations or entertainment.

West Dining Room – Lasco Press Photo

The Food

If you have never sampled the cuisine of Andiamo, make a reservation now. You won’t be disappointed. The food is absolutely top-notch. Andiamo chefs are highly trained providers of dishes that are a pleasure to the eye as well as the palate. Perfectly prepared steaks and taste-tempting Italian cuisine are guest favorites. Appetizers and desserts are just as thrilling as your meal. An incredible wine list compliments the menu selections and makes the meal a complete feast.

All meat is butchered on site, homemade sausage, and meatballs made in the kitchen; everything shipped in fresh daily. Even the pasta. Made at the original Andiamo in Warren by three lovely ladies for the past 30 years. A shipment arrives in Fenton every morning.

Unique Picture Window

Touring the kitchen displayed a layout designed for the restaurant’s specific style. Without having to modify an existing facility Andiamo chefs were able to design their ideal workspace. The Kitchen boasts a feature so unique, I cannot recall seeing it in another venue.

The window view out of the kitchen area – Lasco Press Photo

The west end of the building has a window looking directly into the meal preparation area. Decorated with shelving and product displays, there is still a good view of what goes on behind the scenes at Andiamo. Genius, taking a design feature of the building and incorporating into the atmosphere the restaurant wants to impart to its guests.”

Employee Excitement

We spoke to two new employees of the restaurant from Fenton. Angel, a waitress, told us she had trained for over 80 hours to prepare to meet her 1st guest. She was so impressed with the training allowing employees to sample everything on the menu including the wine list. “They conducted Wine Class and taught us what we needed to know to make proper recommendations to our guests.

Brooke, a bartender, told us she loved the way employees were made a part of the family. “It’s such a great place to work, you just want to do your best to show the owners how much you appreciate the way they treat you.”

Nothing but the best for guests. Classic cocktails are unique, all made with the freshest ingredients. Juices squeezed on site. Syrups made in-house. Vegan options too.

Favorite Tastes

We asked Angel and Brooke what their favorite dishes were. For Angel, sausage and peppers; for Brooke, grilled salmon. Whatever you choose the dining experience will be a memorable experience.

See the full photo gallery below.

Visit the new Andiamo of Fenton and send us your comments. You can find the entire menu here.  Area residents would love to hear your impressions.